How to Turn RSS Feedly Feeds Into Content Marketing Assets

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How to Turn RSS Feedly Feeds Into Content Marketing Assets
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Feedly is a must-have product for content marketers (and really anyone) that wants to keep up to date with the latest content from all their favourite sites in one place.

These days though, simply sharing awesome content isn’t enough. Content marketers need need to add value to the content they share, and use it to produce engaging content that drives business results.

What if you could take the best bits from all the content streaming into your Feedly, and turn it into original content marketing assets?

By connecting Feedly to Publicate you can, and in minutes!

In this post I will share exactly how you can integrate Feedly and Publicate to create curated content in no time, plus a few ideas to help you get started to fully leverage this integration.

Let’s start with a brief intro to both of these tools…

How Feedly and Publicate Help You Find & Share Great Content

Feedly is…

One single place that you can get all the latest updates and posts from all of my favorite blogs and news sources, in a beautiful easy to read format and on any device.

Publicate is…

A tool for content marketers that makes it easier than ever to create lead generating content assets like newsletters, roundup blog posts and resource hubs from the content they are already sharing and producing.


Content marketers that use these two tools together essentially have a curated content creation engine. With a constant flow of fresh content that your audiences love from other blogs and sites right into Publicate.

And when it’s in Publicate you can curate the best of the best into engaging content marketing assets that showcase your brand and engage your audiences, in minutes.

Now everything you share can include your brand and your unique perspective and commentary for the content.

I’m going to share a few ideas for content assets you can create with this integration, but right now let’s go ahead and get the integration set up first.

How to Integrate Feedly and Publicate

  • Firstly, open up the workspace settings in the left menu.
  • Then in the ‘Connect an Integration’ section click on “Connect” next to Feedly.
  • Once Feedly loads its permission widow, follow the steps and authorize Publicate’s access.
  • Then when browsing content on Feedly anything you ‘Save for later’ will automatically appear in Publicate.

And that’s it! Now everything you have ever or will ‘Save for later’ in Feedly will always be in Publicate when you need it.

Now you have the Publicate Feedly integration setup and the content is flowing it’s time to start creating amazing content assets with it and sharing them with everyone…

Content Marketing Assets You Can Create with Feedly & Publicate

1. Curated Email Newsletter

Curated email newsletters are becoming more and more popular amongst content marketers, and it’s easy to see why when email is such a direct and engaging channel.

Creating an email newsletter in Publicate is easy as 1, 2, 3…

  • Source great content with Feedly, and ‘Save for later’ all the best bits.
  • See it in Publicate next time you log in and add it to the newsletter template.
  • Then just copy the newsletter into any email newsletter platform like Mailchimp, Mailjet or even Gmail and press send.

2. Roundup Blog Post

Everyone loves roundup blog posts, because you get access to lots of great resources and articles in just one post.

With Publicate and Feedly showcasing other tools and articles on your blog is an easy way to produce new, interesting content, and it’s a great way to connect with people in your industry that you respect and potentially spark a new business relationship

And creating one is easy;

  • As you see relevant content in Feedly, just hit ‘Save for later’ and it will appear in Publicate.
  • Then add it to the Roundup blog post template and offer your own unique perspective or add additional value to it and repeat until you have a full blog post ready to publish
  • Then just copy and paste the Web HTML code into your current CMS, like WordPress, Ghost or Tumblr and hit publish and you have a new blog post live and engaging customers.

3. Comments on Social Media & Blog Posts

We’ve all been in that position when we read a great blog post or see an interesting conversation on Social Media and it reminds of some great resources we could add to it.

Well, rather than waiting until you have a full round up blog post ready, you can also create Publications to add to your reply into any conversation or blog;

  • Just  jump into Publicate and create a curated Publication from the relevant resources you have from Feedly
  • Add your own insight and commentary
  • Copy and paste the link to the Publication straight into the conversation for others to see more

This is also a great way to drive relevant traffic to your brand by adding your branding to the Publication, and it also helps keep your blog comments short but even more valuable.

4. Branded Social Media Shares

Love an article you just read on Feedly so much you can’t wait to share it? By all means, share it right away, but if with only an extra minute you can turn it into a Publication and add your branding to it before you share it out, driving even more traffic back to you;

  • Just add the content to a Publication in Publicate.
  • Add your branding to it and your commentary and insight.
  • Then you can share it to social media straight from Publicate, branded asset and original insight on it’s way to really engage customers.

Content curation is not about random sharing of content. It’s about adding value to content specifically for your audience, and turning multiple pieces of content into a greater whole with your unique perspective added in, and with Publicate that is now easier than ever before and with your branding on it.

5. Curated Resources for Prospects and Customers

Every day we see and read content that we know would be helpful to current or prospective clients, with the Feedly Publicate combo turning that into a valuable asset and sharing it with them is now easier than ever.

  • ‘Save for later’ the right content in Feedly, instantly see it in Publicate
  • Add that content to a Publication, add your branding to remind them who’s helping them out
  • Copy and paste the Publication as a visual email or just copy and paste the link and send it out to them

They will appreciate the effort (they perceive) you’ve put in when they receive the beautiful Publication you produced just for them.


Feedly is a fantastic tool for aggregating all of your favorite sources into one place and when you connect your feedly account to Publicate anything you ‘Save for later’ in Feedly will automatically appear in Publicate, making it easy to create and share engaging content with no extra effort. This combination will help you;

  • Increase your brand position by adding your logo and insight to all of the content you share
  • Provide more value and information to every comment you make and conversation you join
  • Create engaging newsletters and blog posts from the content you are already reading in Feedly
  • Provide value to current and prospective customers by creating them a bespoke and branded Publication that helps them out with valuable information

Have you connected Feedly to Publicate yet?
If not get to your workspace settings in Publicate and connect Feedly now!

What great content assets have you created with the Publicate Feedly combo? We would love to see them in the comments below…

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