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6 Effective Christmas Newsletter Templates For Your Business

by Chris Bradley

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for both customers and employees. It's very difficult to capture their attention.

That's why we've rounded up the 6 most valuable types of Christmas newsletter templates.

They're ideal for businesses who want to cut through the noise this holiday season.

Below, we've created a modern Christmas newsletter template for a range of different purposes. All of which you can start using right now.

We've also explained how each type of newsletter can save you time and money this holiday season.

Let's get to it!

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Church Newsletter: How to Attract & Engage Your Congregation

by Chris Bradley
Church Newsletter Profile

The church newsletter is a central part to informing and growing your congregation.

But have you ever felt like your emails are missing something extra to keep people engaged?

Perhaps you can't get the design right?

Perhaps your short on ideas for what content to include?

Maybe you're looking for what's working well for other churches?

Or you're just starting up your church newsletter and looking for the best tips.

Whatever your needs, we've got you covered in this post.

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Boost Your Email Marketing Strategy - 8 Effective Tactics

by Chris Bradley

Does your email marketing strategy return the results you expect?

Maybe your open rates are great, but you're not getting the conversions you'd hoped for?

Perhaps you're just not really managing to grow your list?

You're not alone.

Whatever your email marketing challenge is, this guide will help you to get the results you need.

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39 Ultimate Newsletter Ideas to Engage & Convert

by Chris Bradley
Newsletter Content Ideas

We asked our customers what their biggest newsletter challenges were.

Unsurprisingly "newsletter ideas" was one of the top.

The newsletter is one of the most effective channels we have as marketers.

So what ideas can help us to get the best results?

How do we keep our readers engaged and wanting more?

Of course, the lions share of these results is down to the content you use. You knew that already though didn't you.

Knowing that the content is key is not the challenge. Its which content, its keeping that content fresh. Thats the tricky bit.

In this post we'll cover exactly that. 39 high performing newsletter content ideas to keep your content fresh...

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This Twitter Lists Hack Will Get You Better Marketing Results

by Chris Bradley
Twitter Lists Graphic

The biggest input for a successful content marketing engine is quality content. 

But the internet is awash with both good and bad content. 

So how do you navigate this sea of mediocracy and surface the gems that will get you better results?

And... without spending hours and adding more tools to your workflow?

Enter Twitter Lists.

I know what you're thinking. "I'm not really a fan. Lists on Twitter just add more noise to what I'm doing..."

I hear you.

But this lesser known hack will get you serious results...

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Which Is The Best GIF Maker In 2018?

by Chris Bradley
Best GIF maker

The benefits of using GIF in your marketing and emails is well documented.

When done well, animated GIFs can boost click through rates, shares and sales. More details on that in this email GIF guide.

But which is the best GIF editor online for you?

Whether you are wanting to create a slick branded campaign or a hilarious meme, there is a tool for you.

In this post you'll find online services, apps for android and apps for iOS.

We'll also cover tips and how to's, from using serious design software to the simplest GIF creator.

By the end you'll be able to make GIFs like a jedi.

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How To Send HTML Email In Outlook

by Chris Bradley
Send HTML Email Outlook

Have you ever wanted to send html email in Outlook?

Is it even possible to send a newsletter through Outlook, instead of using Mailchimp?

Is there an easy way to insert HTML into Outlook, that isn't totally cumbersome?


Very importantly, how do you create a HTML newsletter that actually works in Outlook.

Read on for the seriously simple answers to all these questions.

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23 Mind blowing sites for newsletter images in 2018

by Chris Bradley
Newsletter Images

Facebook posts with images see 2.3x more engagement.

Articles with an image every 75-100 words get double the number of social shares.

So it's no wonder that 65% of recipients prefer to receive email with newsletter images in.

But where do I find free newsletter images?

What are the licenses for email stock photo, and what do I need to know?

What about creating images for email? What are the correct email banner sizes?

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12 Email GIF Examples To Boost Your Click Through Rates

by Chris Bradley
Email GIF Guide

Businesses are seeing big results from adding GIF into their email marketing campaigns.

But how can you get the same successes?

This Email GIF Guide covers everything you need to know.

From the benefits of using animated GIFs, to the latest best practices.

And all with plenty of examples.

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How To Send HTML Email In Gmail

by Chris Bradley
Send HTML Email Gmail

Have you ever wondered how to send a html email in Gmail?

Or aren't actually sure if it's even possible?

Or you know that it is possible, but all the methods you've found are hackie and with lots of steps

Not to mention you'll need to be able to code the newsletter before you can even insert HTML into Gmail.


Is there a way to send HTML email in Gmail, without being able to code, and without hacking systems?

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Company Newsletter: The Ultimate Guide For 2018

by Chris Bradley
Company Newsletter Ultimate Guide

Fact: The company newsletter has one of the highest returns of any marketing tactic.

So why is it so under utilized?

Why do most companies get it so wrong?

For a large number of businesses it's just a box ticking exercise.

So they get poor results and wonder if it is worth the effort.

But, with some minor tweaks email can become your strongest marketing tactic.

This guide covers everything you need to create a high performing newsletter.

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