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Connect all your favourite tools to Publicate to supercharge your workflow and save even more time.

Content Library Integrations

Automatically curate content from all your favourite tools into one place, your Content Library on Publicate.


Save content with one click as you browse the web. Just install the Chrome, Firefox or Safari extension to your browser.

  • Curate content for your newsletters with one click
  • Tag and organise your content on the fly

Automatically add anything you Like or post to your timeline, straight to your content library.

  • Saves anything you post to Twitter to your library
  • Anything you Like on Twitter is ready for your newsletters

The HOT platform for team communication. A messaging app to share content and resources with your team

  • Automatically curate content shared in Slack channels
  • Turn Slack content into newsletters and web embeds

Feedly is a fast and stylish way to read all your favourites news, blogs and alerts in one place.

  • Curate the best content from Feedly directly to Publicate
  • Anything you “Save for later” automatically sent to your library

The best “Read it later” app on the web with a beautiful mobile app.

  • Anything you add to Pocket automatically added to Publicate
  • Curate as you browse the web

Connect your website or blog to your content library with RSS

  • Automatically add new content posted on your blog or website to your library
  • All of your website or blogs content ready for you to use when you need it

Cronycle is a curation platform that helps you to discover great content and create and monitor custom content feeds from RSS and Twitter.

  • Automatically add content from your Cronycle boards
  • Turn discovery into newsletters and web roundups

Zapier moves information between your web apps automatically, so you can be more efficient.

  • Automatically send content to Publicate from 400+ other tools
  • Zapier connects Publicate to EVERYTHING.
(Coming soon)

Buffer is the simplest way to share on social media. Automatically schedule posts across your social profiles.

  • Direct connection from Buffer to your Content Library
  • Automatically adds anything you “Buffer” to Publicate

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Publishing Integrations

Send the beautiful Publications you create to all these tools with just one click


The most popular free email service, provided by Google.

  • Create beautiful HTML email newsletters in Publicate
  • Send them out through GMail with one click

A heavy weight of email marketing platforms, with simple list management and email automation.

  • Create your newsletter in Publicate and avoid cumbersome editors
  • Send it to Mailchimp with one click to be sent out to your lists

The webs most popular software for creating blogs and websites.

  • Create beautiful web embeds in Publicate
  • Add them to blog posts and web pages with one click
Export HTML

Anything you create in Publicate can be exported as responsive HTML.

  • Works with every Email Service Provider, even Outlook
  • Can be embedded on any web page, just like a Youtube Video


Connect Publicate to other tools in your work flow to boost process, collaboration and performance.


Productivity tool on crack, Trello helps you work more collaboratively and get more done.

  • Search through your Publications from within Trello
  • Add Publications directly to your cards to add them to your workflow

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