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Our drag and drop template builder has everything you need to create engaging, beautiful email newsletters and easily export to any service provider. Save time and resources with no designer and no coders needed!

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Create emails employees want to read and engage with

  • Never send a boring email again. Create high value, helpful comms that are fun and visually engaging.
  • With a library of content modules and curating content from all your favorite places your employees will look forward to reading every email and have an amazing inbox experience
  • With a suite of professional templates that reflect your brand, you can create emails with memorable designs while still having ultimate creative control.
  • With our drag and drop editor you will have endless creative opportunities.
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Maximise email performance with insightful analytics and tracking

  • Analyse and improve with metrics that matter to drive your engagement success and email readership.
  • Achieve greater ROI by making informed decisions about your communications and content
  • Know exactly what part on which emails, from which teams have been read or engaged with, with analytics for open rates, click rates, geo location, social sharing and more
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Access a virtual powerhouse of resources


Our design first, rich email editor means you don't need designers anymore. Use drag and drop capabilities to make fast edits and customization using our feature rich builder.

No Code

Amplify your resources and win back time with our no code template builder. Say goodbye to engineers and coders.


Built for team collaboration to create the perfect content. You can easily share links for previews, for faster approvals so you can send out comms regularly.


Integrated with your existing tool stack its easier than ever to export for sending on your preferred platforms.


Scale with ease while staying in control. Manage multiple brands from one place and start new campaigns with a simple click. Our codeless building and reusable templates make for fast production and error free emails.


Create high value content that matters to employees

  • Never worry about irrelevant content again. Our email builder lets you create relevant emails fast. Use our many content modules and auto curate content from links gives you limitless opportunities.
  • Use our suite of free beautifully designed customisable templates, offering a wide range of communications to choose from so you have an email ready to go for any comms need.
  • With our tool you can spend more time planning and segmenting and less time designing and building.
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Send emails that look great on every device and every platform

  • Create beautiful emails without having to switch from your current email provider. Simply design on Publicate, download and export for use without any need for developers
  • Deliver perfect emails every time with our email preview feature so you can see how your emails look.
  • We constantly test and optimize emails on 90+ clients and devices for your design peace of mind
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Send your emails out faster

  • Why spend weeks with email creation, when you can do it all in just a few hours. Get your emails out the door faster than ever and say goodbye to time consuming manual email tasks.
  • With Publicate marketers and copywriters no longer have to wait for designers or coders with our advanced email builder and suite of customizable templates. Deliver perfect emails every time with our email preview feature so you can see how your emails look.
  • Improve efficiency and remove annoyingly long approval and feedback chains. Easily share links for fast commentary from stakeholders.
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