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“Publicate has transformed communication with clients. They absolutely love the bespoke weekly roundups we tailor just for them."

Nishita Upadhyay Snr Digital Producer, ODD London

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Nick Smith Product Marketing Manager, Geckoboard

"With Publicate sharing Resource Roundups with students is a breeze, quick for us, engaging and valuable for them."

Paul Connor Education Manager, General Assembly

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Common Questions

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes you can cancel anytime you like, the only question we’ll ask is how can we improve things for the future. We’ll even refund you for the full 30 day period, no matter what day you ask for it.

What is a Publication?

A Publication is the content asset you create in the drag and drop editor with your curated content. You can create anything from an email newsletter to an industry news roundup. See a full rundown of what you can create in Publicate here.

Are my Publications Private?

Yes, unless you choose to give someone access to the Publication by sharing the direct web link, embedding it on a website, or sending it out in an email.

Does Publicate work with my other apps and tools?

Yes! You can curate content into your Publicate Content Library from all your favourite places, like Slack, Feedly, Pocket and 100’s more with Zapier. Then, once you have created your Publication, it can be exported to any tool, Mailchimp, Gmail, Convert Kit, Outlook, Wordpress etc etc

What happens to my content if I cancel my account?

First off you will drop down to the free account, which means you can still access your content and Publications, forever. If you want to create and share more Publications you would then need to upgrade again.

Do I get any SEO benefit from embedding a Publication on my blog or website?

When you embed the HTML code for a Publication into a website or blog post it is indexed by search bots, so the short answer is yes. The amount of SEO benefit you get will depend on how much unique content (text) you add to the Publication, so your own insight and commentary is very important.

Will search engines penalise me for Duplicate Content if I add a Publication to my blog or website?

No. You will only be penalised for duplicate content if you copy and paste large parts of entire articles, Publicate only adds a short description snippet for each piece of content, much like sharing something on Facebook, so there is no penalty for this. It also adds more value for your audience if you edit this snippet with your own insight and opinion anyway.

What can I use Publicate for?

We’re glad you asked, we have lots of great ideas and examples for you here.

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