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Are you trying to keep in constant contact with your employees and customers? Well, the pun was surely intended because “constant contact” templates make this easily doable! 

Plus, with the addition of the best email template builder in Publicate, the match made in communications heaven can be at your fingertips!

Let’s jump into how you can design an HTML email template without hassle using email newsletter templates, and specifically a constant contact HTML template, powered by Publicate. 

Why Use Publicate for Constant Contact Templates?

Publicate’s web-based email builder makes it fun and simple to design and export beautiful and professional emails for any need. Here’s why you should consider leveraging the power of Publicate for your Constant Contact templates:

1. Maximize Engagement 

With hundreds of customizable templatesand and an extensive library of content modules plus the ability to curate content from your favorite online places, you can drive value and boost engagement in your communications. 

2. Access Analytics

If you’re questioning whether or not your efforts are working, you don’t have to guess anymore. Instead, you can use Publicate’s existing and built-in analytics to see how your campaigns are performing. 

With a heat map, click rate and open rates provided, you get to know who is engaging with your emails and what’s working or needs improvement. 

3. Utilize Resources with Ease

Publicate is a design-first, rich email editor, so you don’t have to rely on designers or coders. Rather, make use of the drag-and-drop editor to customize templates however you see fit. With this design ability at your fingertips, you gain the freedom to focus on the content that matters! 

4. Integrate with Tools

Whether you want to send your emails through Gmail, Outlook, Constant Contact, or any communications platforms like social media or Slack, Publicate makes it easy because you can easily export to HTML. Plus there is direct integration with Gmail and Outlook via a plugin.

5. Edit and Customize Inside

Not only can you use Publicate’s content library to embed multimedia into your newsletters, but you can also leverage its image editor. This means that you can resize and/or crop images right inside the online editor. 

How to Create Constant Contact Email Templates with Publicate?

The steps to create Constant Contact email templates with Publicate are so direct; you’ll undoubtedly save time and improve efficiency. When you use Publicate for your “Constant Contact” templates, you’re going to undoubtedly save time and benefit from the hassle-free user experience. 

To create “constant contact” templates with Publicate, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sign up for Publicate (you can even just try it for free) 
  2. Pick your desired layout, template, or create your own 
  3. Add multimedia elements 
  4. Edit details as you wish 
  5. Export to send 

With Publicate’s ability to export to HTML, you can transport your well-designed email to Constant Contact for sending. The HTML is already structured to be responsive and appear as you see it in Publicate. 

How to Export a Constant Contact Email Template from Publicate?

After you design your Publicate email, check it over with our preview option to see if you’re happy with how it looks. Once you give yourself the go-ahead (or get approval from any relevant stakeholders), you can click “Export.”

Then navigate to your Constant Contact account, and you can copy paste your HTML code fom the export into your fresh composition.You can continue business as usual by choosing your audience list and hitting send! 

That’s All Folks!

It is indeed as simple as this! Publicate is designed to help you save time and bring your communications dreams to life with our easy-to-use email builder. 

Given the ease of exporting HTML to create your own “constant contact” templates, you have more options than ever for how you wish to send out your newsletters. Want to try it for yourself? Sign up for a free 14 day trial here

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