This page provides information about how your use of the Publicate platform relates to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR.

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General Info

The Publicate platform is a service of Startup Seeds Limited, company number 09311296. Startup Seeds Limited acts as a Data Controller under GDPR (Learn about Data Controllers & Data Processors). How we handle your personally identifiable information is outlined below.

Publicate Platform Infrastructure

Publicate is hosted by Digital Ocean (servers and databases) and Amazon Web Services (object storage). All resources have redundancy built in to allow for near 100% uptime and can be easily scaled if and when needed. Read more about Digital Ocean security here: and Amazon’s here:

How data is processed

When you use the Publicate Platform which is available at - we act as Data Controller when processing your name, your email address, your newsletter content, and your IP address. Additionally, we may also process additional users’ IP addresses and credentials to allow your collaborators to join your Team Workspaces.

We handle all personal data according to our Privacy Policy.

Startup Seeds Limited & The Publicate Platform act as A Data Controller Not A Data Processor

In the provision of the Publicate Platform, we don’t process any of your personal data on your behalf.  All data processed through the provision of the Publicate platform is processed for our primary purposes only and through our means and, therefore, according to the guidelines about controller and processor under GDPR, we act as Data Controller.

For any other information or questions please contact us via or the live chat bot in your workspace.

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