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There’s no doubt that Gmail is the choice for many when it comes to email providers. But, when it comes to knowing how to make pretty emails in Gmail, the service provider isn’t all that intuitive. 

Luckily, there are free email templates for Gmail from Publicate that can be easily sent using Gmail. So, you get the best of both worlds. 

We’re going to share how Publicate can help you create email templates in Gmail. With access to the best Gmail templates, you can be creating and sending your desired communications in no time. 

Why Use Publicate Email Templates for Gmail?

Gmail is made for sending and reading emails. It’s not specifically designed for email newsletter creation and curation. But, Publicate is! By combining the two integrated tools, you have everything you need at your fingertips for email newsletters with free email templates for Gmail. 

Publicate makes it seamless to:

1. Create Responsive Emails

With access to a variety of mobile-responsive email templates, you can send newsletters for any season, industry, or purpose. Plus, you don’t have to ever worry whether or not your email will display properly across devices because all of Publicate’s email templates have gone through rigorous testing to ensure that they do! 

2. Access and Add Multimedia Content

Publicate offers you a rich library of royalty-free images to add to your newsletter communications. 

Say goodbye to searching the web for the photos you so desperately need because they exist within Publicate already. Additionally, you can add links, GIFs, files and other engaging multimedia content directly from the email builder’s list of options. 

3. Review Analytics 

If it can’t be measured, then it can’t be managed. Of course, after you spend your energy sending out communications, you want to know how they were received. Did people open or click on your messages? Do you need to make edits next time for a better outcome? 

Publicate grants you analytics so you can forget about guessing these answers and have the data to back it up! 

4. Streamline Email Creation 

Whether you are a designer or someone who has no clue about how to design digitally, you have nothing to worry about when you use Publicate. 

The email builder is easy to use with a drag-and-drop editor. Plus, if you want to edit images within the email, you can with the image editor that allows you to crop and move images in the layout itself.  

No matter your experience level, you won’t need to rely on anyone else’s help. Email creation and publication has never been easier. 

5. Send How You Want 

If you’re reading this, then you are probably wanting to send your email using Gmail since you’re using free email templates for Gmail. Publicate integrates directly with Gmail, so sending is a breeze. 

But, if you happen to change your mind and wish to send your emails using Outlook, Apple Mail, or any other popular email provider, the simplicity is just the same. Integrations make it all as easy as clicking export to *your desired output*. 

Publicate’s email templates have been tested on over 50 email clients, including across mobile devices, so you can rest assured in knowing that your emails will display exactly how you intended. 

How to Use Gmail with Publicate?

Using Gmail with Publicate is as seamless as using Gmail or using Publicate by themselves. Since the tools are integrated, you won’t have to find a way to connect your creations to Gmail because Publicate will help you automatically populate your email compositions in Gmail. 

Once you choose your template in Publicate and customize how you want to, you can click “Export to Gmail.” Then, go back to your Gmail email composition window and find it loaded in your drafts. 

Once you add your recipients and subject line, you’re good to go given the integrated feature. Even if you don’t use the integration, you can also export the HTML and paste the code into Gmail yourself. 

How to Create a Gmail Email Template with Publicate?

To get started using the best email template builder for Gmail, simply sign up or log in to Publicate. You’ll be guided to choose between creating an email from our existing template library or creating your own from scratch using drag-and-drop content blocks. 

Since the templates have best practices in mind, they are highly recommended to save time and take out the guesswork in the process. After you’ve selected your template, you can add the content you want. Once you are satisfied, it’s time to hit export! 

How to Export Templates to Gmail from Publicate?

You’ve made your email and it looks good to go! Now, it’s time to export and send. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Go to Publicate’s Gmail app and install it
  2. Log into your Gmail account 
  3. Publicate directly integrates with Gmail through our Chrome Extension 
  4. Choose the “insert Publication” button
  5. Pick the newsletter you wish to send 

Bam! The newsletter will load into the body of your Gmail email, so now, you’re ready to send it just like you would a regular plain text email. Except this time, your email is branded, beautifully designed, and made to drive engagement. 

Closing Words 

With Publicate’s free email templates for Gmail and array of templates to choose from, using Gmail to send beautiful and professional email newsletters is made possible! There’s no need to struggle or learn how to code in HTML. 

Publicate’s drag-and-drop visual editor and design features enable anyone to make emails in little time, without any need for coders or designers. Try it for yourself with our free trial! 

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