7 Creative Ideas for Your Employee Newsletter

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7 Creative Ideas for Your Employee Newsletter
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Read time: 13 min

These days, there are so many different communication channels to reach your employees, whether it be through intranet, social media, or in their inboxes. One of the most direct and engaging ways to share information with and update employees is via email. That’s why we’ve pulled together 7 creative ideas for your employee newsletter (plus a few bonus extras).

With fun employee newsletter ideas, your internal communication will never get dull.

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What is an Employee Newsletter?

An employee newsletter is a digital form of communication that takes place via email. Its intention is to provide employees with recent company updates, new policies, events, staff highlights, and more.

Along with being informative and keeping everyone in the loop, it also serves as a way to boost employee engagement. Ultimately, this leads to a more collaborative, satisfied, and supported staff (which can improve happiness levels and work to reduce turnover).

Why Create an Employee Newsletter?

The best employee newsletter examples support a workplace that is integrated and involved. Along with cooperation and information, employee newsletters help to:

  • Celebrate and build company culture
  • Boost trust between employees and management
  • Enhance the company’s internal brand
  • Support external marketing initiatives
  • Receive employee feedback
  • Offer support, training, and resources
  • Spread valuable information and policy updates

Employee newsletters can essentially be used for any purpose. Since the goal of each newsletter varies, it’s easiest to create employee newsletters with an email newsletter builder that offers an array of templates based on need. Keep reading in the next section for details on how you can achieve this.

How to Create the Best Employee Newsletter?

The fastest and most hassle-free method to create your own employee newsletters is with the aid of a newsletter email builder like Publicate. With Publicate, you can skip the need for graphic designers and/or coders as the drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy for anyone to customize email newsletters on the spot.

Publicate offers hundreds of professional and engaging newsletter templates based on need (i.e. internal communications, events, seasonal messages, sales, and more). Starting with a template means that you spend less time having to design one from scratch.

All you have to do is upload or choose whatever content and multimedia you want to add using the visual editor. Once your creation is complete, you can use Publicate’s integrated suite of tools to export it directly to whatever communication channel you desire, be it Slack, social media, or your preferred email provider (Gmail, Outlook, etc.).

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What are the Best Employee Newsletter Ideas?

Sure, we said we were going to share 7 creative ideas for your employee newsletter, but we’re feeling extra generous, and so, we want to give a few bonus ideas along with the top 7. This way, you’ll never run out of inspiration!

Take a look:

1. Company Updates

For internal communications, company update employee newsletters are a surefire way to get your message delivered to those who need to hear it.

2. Industry Updates

Beyond company updates, it’s great to keep your employee informed of what’s happening in your industry to spark new ideas and keep everyone aware of what to expect next.

3. New Hire Spotlights

To help new employees feel welcome, consider sending out an employee newsletter that spotlights a little about the newcomer on the team.

4. Upcoming Events

Hosting a company event? Make sure everyone knows about it with a newsletter that spreads the important details. You can even transform your newsletter into a hub to collect RSVPs for optimal planning.

5. Customer Feedback

No matter what position an employee is in, their ultimate goal is to satisfy customers. By sharing customer success stories, you can help build a motivated workplace that can see how their day-to-day tasks benefit the end users.

6. Leadership Letters

It’s not every day that leadership gets to communicate directly with employees. That’s why messages from CEOs count as fun things to put in employee newsletters because it connects the team in ways that otherwise wouldn’t happen often.

7. Training Resources

A great place to share training resources is via an employee newsletter. You can remind employees where they can find resources and/or promote an upcoming course or offering.

8. Advice Column

Do you have employees who have questions? Make answering them fun with an advice column. You can share valuable information and entertain employees at the same time.

9. Company Blog Posts

If you’re actively keeping up a company blog with useful content, amplify the content in an employee newsletter. This way, you can help make sure that the published content gets the views it deserves.

10. Pet Photos

Are you a pet-friendly company? Share some puppy love with a pet highlights section of your newsletter. Of course, this doesn’t have to be the main spotlight of the newsletter, but it can be an extra section that will give employees a reason to read through it all.

11. Interviews

Interview industry leaders or leaders within the company and broadcast the information to employees within your newsletter. This can be done through written content, audio, or videos. With Publicate, you can easily embed videos and multimedia with the click of a button.

12. Top Lists

Have local recommendations to share with your team? Add a Top List to your email newsletter with ideas for where to grab a quick bite, the best coffee shops in the vicinity, and whatever else may help your employees get to better know their environment.

13. Mentorship and Inspirational Quotes

It’s normal for employees to feel stuck in a rut. You can provide inspirational quotes, strategic advice, and helpful tips to assist employees to perform at their highest potential.

14. Company History and Milestones

Your company is always striving to be better and do better. Take employees on a trip down memory lane to spotlight how far the company has come in time with company history and milestone announcements.

15. Tech Updates and Tools

If you’re introducing new tools or technology within the business, an employee newsletter is a great way to increase adoption rates and offer snippets of training.

16. Trivia and Contests

Make employee newsletters interactive by including trivia and contests. For example, if employees take part in a survey or contest, offer them a chance to win a prize.

17. Guest Content

From inside and outside of your organization, you can call on guest contributors and editors to provide interesting content for your newsletters. This provides a fun way to get other people involved and switch up the style every once in a while.

18. Photos from Around the Office/Workspaces

Whether your team works in an office setting or remotely, incorporate photos from different workspaces and play a game of “Guess the desk.” This way, even when people aren’t geographically connected, they can feel part of something bigger.

19. Infographics

A cool way to share company highlights and key stats or information is via an infographic. This blends together captivating typography, illustrations, and icons to fit a lot of valuable insights into a small amount of space (while still being engaging rather than overwhelming).

20. Referral Programs

Looking to hire? Use your existing network of employees to expand your reach by offering a referral bonus or benefit for helping locate the best candidate for the open role.

What are HR Newsletter Ideas?

Since HR is in charge of keeping employees engaged, recruiting, and more, you can stretch the 7 creative ideas for your employee newsletter even further with HR-specific newsletters.

These include:

1. Policy Changes

When policies or procedures change, it’s imperative that everyone involved and affected is aware of the update. HR newsletters for policy updates can be tracked with Publicate. This way, analytics will show you who has or hasn’t yet opened the email.

2. Company Achievements

If and when your company achieves exciting things, you can spread the good news in an employee newsletter. Whether it be signing a new client, getting new investment, or hitting a sales goal, everything big and small is worth celebrating and broadcasting.

3. Benefits and Perks

Offer employees benefits and perks as a way to build up your company culture and recruit top talent? Make sure employees know what they have available to them by sharing information about perks and benefits every once a in a while to inform new hires and remind existing employees.

What are the Best Employee Newsletter Design Ideas?

With an email builder like Publicate, you don’t have to think twice about newsletter design because the templates are already set up with best practices for you. But, to make sure that you cross all your t’s and dot your i’s, remember to:

1. Focus Your Subject Line

Create a subject line that is short, concise, and to-the-point. Make sure that it sparks curiosity, but is also accurate to the content that’s inside.

2. Balance Copy and Design

No one wants to read an overly wordy email newsletter. That’s why it’s a must to mix copy with design elements and imagery/videos, etc.

3. Give Something for Everyone

Without going overboard, mix and match newsletter content so that different audience members have something to look forward to.

Closing Thoughts

Given the more than 7 creative ideas for your employee newsletter, you’re now on your way to have content inspiration for any point in time.

Once you’re ready to create an employee newsletter, you can set it up and send it out without any hurdles using Publicate’s easy-to-use email builder. The visual editor makes it so anyone can design professional and engaging newsletters in no time. Get started with existing templates or create your own by signing up!