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5 HR Newsletter Ideas to Increase Employee Engagement

by Ally Biring

What is internal communication

Keeping staff engaged and motivated are two of the biggest challenges HR teams face. A united workforce can do wonders for employee satisfaction and motivation — everyone wants to be part of a happy, winning team.

This is where internal communications become a key way to inspire, encourage and connect employees. One easy way to harness the power of internal communications is through HR newsletters. 

But don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you add ‘copywriter, email designer and HTML editor’ to your job description. There’s an easy way to create engaging company newsletters without using up time and budget. 

We’re going to show you how to engage your employees with a selection of 5 essential HR newsletter templates that every HR department needs.

So, let’s dive in!

The Monthly Internal Round-Up Newsletter Template

In a working world where most of our time is spent staring at computer screens, it can be tricky to foster a sense of community within a business. Despite this, it’s key that employees feel connected to their colleagues.

But how can we encourage this connection without bombarding everyone with emails each time there’s an update to share? With a monthly round-up, of course!

For this type of HR newsletter, you should look to include the following content:

  • Business updates:
  • Updates from each area of the business
  • Wins over the past month
  • Results of surveys and reports
  • Promotions
  • Fun stories
  • Shout outs from colleagues and managers
  • Happy stories from employees
  • Developmental information
  • Access to employee discount scheme  
  • Development opportunities
  • Job openings

A monthly round-up newsletter not only helps keep employees up to date on what’s happening in the business, but it provides everyone with an opportunity to share wins, news and to celebrate their teammates. If you can allow employees to submit stories or suggestions, this will help them feel involved.

For example, shout outs are fantastic for improving employee recognition and provide a chance for everyone to receive encouraging feedback.

By combining pre-supplied copy with the efforts of Publicate’s drag and drop template editor, which lets you quickly customise the layout depending on your needs, you’ll avoid spending hours creating content!

Here’s a great new newsletter template that you can use right out the box: The Monthly Internal Round-Up Newsletter Template

Now you’ve engaged your existing employees, it’s time to consider how newsletters can support the onboarding process. One way is to help new starters integrate into company culture with new employee newsletters.

The New Employee Announcement Newsletter Template

Working with a growing team is incredibly exciting, yet helping new hires settle in can be challenging. Especially in the age of remote working, new employees can struggle to form a bond with their colleagues when they don’t see them in person every day — if ever.

So why not introduce them with a quick and nicely designed email?

Here are some examples of what to include:

  • Introduction to new team member(s), including their name, job title, responsibilities
  • Any cool work wins they have and their key skills
  • A note introducing themselves in their own words
  • Encourage everyone to send a hello message

Introducing new employees via email newsletter not only creates a sense of connection between new and existing employees but breaks the ice without having to introduce themselves to everyone individually.

For remote businesses, these newsletters will prevent new employees from feeling isolated. Without the opportunity to connect whilst fixing an afternoon cup of coffee, finding new avenues for communication is important.

Plus, they can share additional details about their skills and experience, which may be useful for collaboration! 

For HR, there are many benefits of introducing new hires via a newsletter. New employee emails are generally well-received, especially if they include personalised messages from new hires with some information about themselves and their roles. Plus, if multiple employees join the company at the same time, you can introduce them all in one email.

Why not try this template today? The New Employee Announcement Newsletter Template

Now that everyone is feeling the love, how can we make sure employees are having fun?

The Company Event Invite Newsletter Template

Everyone knows what they say about being all work and no play. So why not set aside dedicated time for fun and plan some informal company events. These can include Christmas parties, charity fundraisers, weekly socials, or team-building challenges. Events can be company-wide or specific teams can arrange get-togethers just for them.

Such events facilitate effective teamwork, reduce stress and boost morale, and go a long way to creating a positive working environment.

What you include in this newsletter will be dictated by the type of event:

  • Enticing copy and images to promote the event
  • Details of what the event is and its purpose
  • The date, location and how to sign up
  • Dress codes and potential prizes to be won

An email offering an excuse to have fun is a welcome reward for all their hard work. Such emails can help to keep the workplace community spirit alive and strengthen the company culture. 

Creating a fulfilling, positive workplace will galvanise the workforce, bolstering your bottom line and attract the best talent. This is especially true in today’s changing world when many expect their employers to be aware of their corporate company responsibilities. Hosting a charitable event is a great idea as it is both fun and supports local communities.

Try this invite template to get everyone excited for your next company event! The Company Event Invite Newsletter Template

With employees updated on business changes and connected with the wider team, we need to make sure you’re making employees aware of development opportunities!

The Workshop and Training Newsletter Template

Training in the workplace can cover anything from specific skills to discrimination awareness, and carries many benefits. These include increased job satisfaction, productivity, and innovation, and a more inclusive and empathetic workforce. 

Employees can be made aware of such events via a training newsletter. Consider including information such as:

  • An explanation of why training is important
  • The training courses and workshops on offer
  • The deadline to sign up by
  • How to access these events

By investing in your teams’ personal development, you not only create additional learning opportunities but encourage them to develop new skills. Graphic designers should not be limited to learning about graphic design; rather, all employees can benefit from learning about other business areas. For example, offering an opportunity to develop project management skills is beneficial to progression. 

Training encourages team building as employees will interact with others outside their departments and engage with topics they’re not typically exposed to in their roles. 

What’s more, companies that offer diverse training often see reduced staff turnover as training can boost morale, strengthen loyalty and enhance a company’s image. Everyone likes work perks!

This great new template can help you get a fantastic newsletter sent out in a matter of minutes. The Workshop and Training Newsletter Template

Ok, this is all fantastic, but what can you do if you don’t have any fun content to share with your team?

The Industry Round-Up Newsletter Template

An industry round-up newsletter encourages employees to connect with the business on a broader scale. All you need to do is collate relevant business information that may interest your colleagues!

This type of newsletter is great for even the busiest of HR teams, and can cover:

  • Articles relevant to the industry and business
  • Competitor updates
  • Technological advancements
  • Legislative changes that may impact clients

If you’re unsure what areas your employees will be most interested in, you can track engagement with Publicate’s easy-to-use analytics tool. You’ll see what links get the most traction and generally understand what your employees respond to best. 

We’re all busy creatures, and many people don’t have enough time to keep up with changes in their industries. By collating interesting information regularly, you support their development and encourage involvement with the broader industry. There are never any downsides to being better educated, especially in a work context!

To avoid spending hours collating articles and reports, you can source content from the wider team, encouraging employees to write their own articles or submit relevant pieces they’ve read. Plus, with the Publicate browser extension, you can save articles throughout the month and come back to them when you’re ready to write! 

As you’ll be pulling content from external sources, you can up engagement even if you don’t have fun content to share.

Keep your employees informed with this well-structured round-up template. The Industry Round-Up Newsletter Template

In summary

You’re now ready to create some engaging HR newsletters that will boost morale and get your employees excited! Internal newsletters are fantastic for:

  • Cultivating team spirit — even when you’re miles apart
  • Educating employees and keeping everyone informed about the businesses and industry developments
  • Rewarding employees with special events, workshops, perks and shout outs!
  • Creating a company culture that keeps turnover low and attracts the best new hires

Save yourself the time of designing interesting emails by signing up to Publicate for access to these excellent HR newsletter templates.

Then you can get back to focusing on what you do best — supporting your team.

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