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Pricing Examples Integrations

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Beautiful content, without the hassle.

Effortlessly create professional email newsletters and curated content in minutes, all without I.T.

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Publicate is a publishing platform for curated content.

It helps you collect content and beautifully present it in a highly shareable format, with very little effort. Here are a few ways customers use Publicate...

Create Email Newsletters Effortlessly and Efficiently

Email service providers are great at sending emails, but not so great at easily creating them. This is where Publicate comes in.

The combination of a simple drag-and-drop editor and an organized content library makes planning and producing email newsletters a breeze, and saves a ton of time.

Publicate makes creating beautiful, content rich newsletters really fast and really easy. It's freed up a lot of time for us.

Nick Smith, Geckoboard
Product Marketing Manager

Share Educational Content with Your Clients and Teams

Easily send beautiful Client Education and Delight, filled with industry news, best practices, and your unique commentary. Making an impressive value add.

Send the same content and other internal updates to your team to make sure everyone is on top of their game.

We use Publicate to update investors, portfolio companies and our team with rich, visual information. it's really, really easy.

Will Gibbs, Octopus Ventures
Investment Associate

Embed Curated Content on Your Blog or Website

Visually promote content in a blog post or on a webpage on your site by simply embedding our HTML snippet.

This is great for creating newsletter archive pages, resource hubs, portfolios, and recommended/related content widgets in blog posts.

Publicate makes sharing resource hubs with students a breeze, quick for us, engaging and valuable for them.

Paul Conner, General Assembly
Education Manager

See some examples...

Articles of interest

ETA ± 20min

Internal knowledge share

ETA ± 15min

Email newsletter

ETA ± 15min

Client education & delight

ETA ± 20min

Related content

ETA ± 5min

Save Valuable Time (and Some Sanity)

Say goodbye to the silly little issues of current publishing tools and email editors.

Save any web pages, videos, images, PDFs, and other files inside Publicate, and organize them with Folders and Tags.

Apps & Integrations

Curate content into Publicate with Slack, Feedly, Pocket, and our browser extensions. Connect with many more via Zapier.

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Drag content from your library into a beautiful template - It’s that simple. Everything in the editor is customisable.

Customizable Layouts

Choose from multiple content layouts, customize them, or create your own. Whatever you choose, Publicate makes it look great.


Track views, clicks, and social shares generated by all of the content and Publications you create in Publicate.

Lead Capture

Need to grow your email list? Capture names and email addresses from any piece of content. Embed on site or share on social.

See upcoming features on our Public Roadmap

No sign up required! (Yay)

"Publicate more than halves my workflow time. It means I've stopped fiddling with code on websites and newsletters and can just focus on the content."

-Bernie J Mitchell, Freelancer

"I’m launching lead generating resources for my clients in literally minutes with Publicate. This is making me look damn good. Thank you for making this!"

-Rob Carpenter, Hitshop

"We use Publicate as a team to aggregate, manage and distribute content to investors, portfolio companies or internally within the team itself, and it is really easy."

-Will Gibbs, Octopus Ventures

"Content is key to every business these days, using Publicate as part of our content strategy saves us time and makes us more efficient."

-James York, Worry + Peace

"Publicate makes it super easy to pull together all of the content I need to create beautifully engaging blog posts in minutes."

-Terri Paddock, Theatre Critic

"Publicate has really taken out the hassle of publishing a weekly newsletter. It now takes us literally minutes to create and populate a great looking template, without having to deal with any HTML/CSS."

-Yannick, EC1 Capital

"Publicate is an awesome tool that makes sending out content from in a beautiful newsletter really easy."

-Yoav Farby, The Startup Magazine

"Using Publicate really saves us time collating media digests and creating coverage reports for clients. It's slick, easy to use, looks professional and our clients love it."

-Sam Dix, Clarity

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