Are you generating enough leads ?

Curate content into lead gen assets with Publicate, and get 3x more.

1. Curate Content

Web pages, presentations, images, PDFs, & more.

2. Create Assets

Email newsletters, roundup blog posts, resource hubs, & more.

3. Capture Leads

Require a name and email address for your curated content.


Make content curation your top organic growth channel.

It’s simple. Create lead capturing content marketing assets in minutes from the content you are already sharing and producing. Then, easily distribute through email, social media, or HTML embed to drive new traffic and leads.
Email Newsletters

It’s a great time to launch a curated email newsletter. Save time curating content and formatting emails with Publicate.

Roundup Blog Posts

Use Publicate to research, organize, and present content beautifully, then add it to your blog CMS via HTML embed.

Branded Social Shares

Never share unbranded content again. Add your branding and commentary to every piece of content you share.

Resource Hubs

Create resource hubs you can embed on any of your webpages. Require a name and email for any piece of content.

Press Pages & Media Kits

Launch a new press page or media kit in minutes, and keep it updated without ever writing a line of code.

Sales Collateral

Your sales and customer support teams will love using Publicate to share curated content with prospects and customers.

Content curation built for teams

Leverage the content your team saves and shares throughout the day to create new content assets together. Funnel all that content into Publicate with ease via our browser extension and integrations like Feedly, Pocket & Slack.

Beautiful content marketing with zero coding.

Simply drag-and-drop content saved in Publicate into pre-built templates. Showcase some content more than others, add your own commentary, include your branding, and customize Calls-to-action to increase conversion rates.

More content distribution.
Better content performance.

Seamlessly distribute curated content through email, social media, or any webpage that allows HTML embed. Add your branding, and deploy lead capture forms with ease. Track views, clicks, and leads generated for every piece of content with rich content analytics.

"Publicate more than halves my workflow time. It means I've stopped fiddling with code on websites and newsletters and can just focus on the content."

Bernie J Mitchell, Freelancer

"I’m launching lead generating resources for my clients in literally minutes with Publicate. This is making me look damn good. Thank you for making this!"

Rob Carpenter, Hitshop

"We use Publicate as a team to aggregate, manage and distribute content to investors, portfolio companies or internally within the team itself, and it is really easy."

Will Gibbs, Octopus Ventures

"Content is key to every business these days, using Publicate as part of our content strategy saves us time and makes us more efficient."

James York, Worry + Peace

"Publicate makes it super easy to pull together all of the content I need to create beautifully engaging blog posts in minutes."

Terri Paddock, Theatre Critic

"Publicate has really taken out the hassle of publishing a weekly newsletter. It now takes us literally minutes to create and populate a great looking template, without having to deal with any HTML/CSS."

Yannick, EC1 Capital

"Publicate is an awesome tool that makes sending out content from in a beautiful newsletter really easy."

Yoav Farby, The Startup Magazine

"Using Publicate really saves us time collating media digests and creating coverage reports for clients. It's slick, easy to use, looks professional and our clients love it."

Sam Dix, Clarity

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