Which Internal Communications Email Software to Choose?

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Which Internal Communications Email Software to Choose?
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Read time: 13 min

Employees have to be in the know to get their work done and work towards business goals. That’s where internal communications email software can have a great impact on organizations of all sizes.

Along with internal communication platforms, the best internal communications platforms make it easy to disseminate information and keep everyone charging forward in the right direction.

Here, we’re going to review what internal communication tools are and take a look at how internal communications email software can serve your business.

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What are Internal Communication Tools?

Internal communication tools transfer information between employers and employees. The different technologies involved aim to streamline communications and even enable analytics.

Internal communications tools include: email newsletters, enterprise social networks, intranet, in-person meetings, video calls, and more.

One of the most widespread forms of internal communications is email newsletters because of its ease of use, credibility, and analytical capabilities.

Plus, with an email builder tool like Publicate, anyone can design branded email newsletters with useful and engaging internal communications updates to easily send to all employees or specific departments.

What are the Benefits of Internal Communication Tools?

Internal communication tools provide so many benefits for any employer who chooses to use them. The truth is, there’s always something of value to share with employees, and internal communications tools make it possible to spread the word.

Here’s what else they do for employees:

1. Engage Employees

Relevant internal communications newsletters and messages can help to engage employees. Employees who feel engaged and values are more likely to be productive and motivated.

2. Provide Analytics

Remove the guesswork of communicating with your team. When you send internal communications newsletters using an email builder like Publicate, you can see exactly how your recipients interact with open rates, click-through rates, and heat maps.

3. Send at Scale

Internal communications newsletters can be sent to the masses. With a newsletter tool like Publicate, you can design and customize your email newsletter and send it out to whomever you want using your own preferred email service provider, including Gmail and Outlook.

4. Capture Attention

With the ability to insert mixed media and captivating content, you can capture the attention of your employees. Since they are already so busy with their day-to-day tasks and working within their email inbox, a beautifully designed newsletter with interactive content can grab their attention.

What are the Types of Internal Communication Software?

When you’re searching for the best internal communication software to cover your needs, it all begins by knowing what options you have. Here are some of the most common types of internal communications software:

1.Email Newsletters

Internal communications email software is one of the most popular types of internal communications tools, and for good reason. Newsletters for internal communications allow you to reach your entire audience in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Once you have an email builder, it’s simple enough for anyone to create newsletters, so you can maximize engagement without worrying about designers or coders.

Email builders, such as Publicate, have a low learning curve. Once you choose your desired template, you can customize it using drag-and-drop functionality. Plus, Publicate has a built-in image editor and content library, so you can add files, videos, images, GIFs, and more without the need for third-party software.

Then, to send it out to whomever you want, you can export it to your favorite email provider such as Gmail and Outlook and hit send. After that, you can access its success with access to detailed analytics.

2. Intranet

Company intranets are central hubs in which employees can access the tools they need. The platform can house secure files for sharing, an instant messaging app, social media fees, and even potentially integrate with other enterprise technology.

3. Project Management Tools

Project management tools help to assign tasks and track status. Employees can add files, share updates, and organize resources in order to meet deadlines.

What are the Features of Internal Communication Software?

Each internal communication software has its own set of features it boasts. Take a look at some of the salient features to ensure that your chosen solution has what you need.

1. Personalization

Naturally, each one of your employees has different responsibilities and priorities of what they have to be concerned with.

As such, an internal communications software that allows for personalization is best. Whether it be personalized feeds or email newsletters that can be segmented to a specific audience, the “who” really matters.

2. Search

If you have an Intranet solution, include a search capability so that employees can easily find what they are looking for.

3. Social Integrations

Social collaborations are especially useful for employees who work remotely so that they can share ideas, feedback, and resolve problems together.

4. Analytics

The best internal communications software also offers analytics so you can track who is engaged or make edits to your communications if engagement is lagging.

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What is the Best Internal Communications Software?

With all the technology floating around, where do you begin to optimize your internal communications strategy? With just 6 types of tools in hand, you can be fully equipped to tackle internal communications on every front.

Here’s a list of what the best internal communication platforms consist of:

1. Internal Communications Email Software

From the dawn of the Internet, email communication has been a primary method of communication. Internal communications email software takes little effort but goes a long way!

For example, Publicate is an email builder that is easy-to-use, requires no coder or designer, and integrates with many existing email service providers.

To set up any email campaign, you simply select a template, customize it however you wish, and it’s ready to go! You can then export it to your favorite email service provider like Gmail or Outlook with a direct integration.

Publicate tests across dozens of email providers and device sizes for you, so you can rest assured that your email will appear just as you intend.

2. Internal Communications Texting Software

Perhaps you’re looking for an informal way to communicate with employees via text messages. SMS is a familiar channel for all, but it should be used for more timely notices rather than broad scale updates.

To exemplify, SMS texts are good for updates about construction, office closures, deadlines, IT network outages, weather, and emergency notifications. SimpleTexting and Trumpia and tools you can look into if you want an SMS solution.

3. Internal Communications Instant Messaging Software

Have you heard of or used Slack? Chances are high that you know what we are talking about because it’s a popular instant messaging software for workplaces. Instant messaging apps are a great option for two-way communication between specific groups, about particular projects, or for one-on-one communication.

4. Internal Communications Intranet or Hub

An Intranet or Hub can serve as a centralized repository for important information that often gets brought up. You can use your Intranet to store files, provide quick answers or updates, showcase event calendars, and more.

5. Internal Communications Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools for internal communications can fit into a variety of types. Slack could be considered a collaboration tool, just as Zoom can be. These are tools that employees can have ready-to-go in the background of their day-to-day activities for when the time strikes that they have to check in with someone else on the team.

6. Internal Communications Mobile App

Given the remote nature of workplaces these days, mobile apps are a relatively new addition to the list. They allow for an on-the-go solution. This is especially useful for frontline workers who get their work completed away from a desktop or laptop.

How to Choose the Best Internal Communication Software?

Choosing the best internal communication software will come down to what you need to convey, the frequency at which you will communicate, and the budget you have available. For most companies, a mix of these solutions is optimal because different messages require different platforms and tools.

If you’re going to start with a single method of communication, know that internal communications email software is one of the easiest choices you can make to reap a grand impact.

This is especially true when you leverage a solution like Publicate, which has been designed for anyone to use and has hundreds of professional and engaging templates ready to go.

Closing Thoughts

Internal communications helps employers and employees align goals, stay connected, and improve employee morale. With the array of internal communications email software to choose from, there’s a solution for any kind of strategy you want to deploy!

When it comes to internal communications newsletters, an email builder is a must-have to save time and make email creation, design, and sending seamless.

Interested to try it out for yourself? We invite you to sign up for Publicate’s free trial.