15 Best Schools Newsletter Ideas: Ultimate Guide

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15 Best Schools Newsletter Ideas: Ultimate Guide
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Read time: 13 min

School is in session, which means there is a lot happening! What better way to share events, amplify must-know news, and engage with students and parents than by using a school newsletter? We’re going to share schools newsletter ideas and take a look at what newsletter topics for students are worthwhile to send.

So, take a seat and keep reading to be inspired and learn about helpful tools that can streamline your school newsletter creation process.

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What is a School Newsletter?

A school newsletter is a consistent publication that is sent to parents, faculty, staff, and of course, students. In some cases, school newsletters are printed. But, with everyone spending their days on their phone and the quick method of digital communication, they are more likely to be sent via email.

A school newsletter includes valuable information about campus news, upcoming events, fundraisers, relevant training for staff, and the like. Schools can decide at what frequency to send their school newsletters, but it’s common for them to go out weekly or monthly.

Why is a School Newsletter Important?

The best school newsletters have a lot to offer to their audience. They enable you to:

1. Connect with specific groups of people:

Connect whether it is your staff, faculty, students, or parents. By being able to segment your audience, you can share relevant information only to those who need it.

2. Provide valuable information to parents and/or students

Within your newsletter, you can give updates about volunteer activities, meetings, school clubs, field trips, safety, and more.

3. Remind readers of things they may otherwise forget about

Provide reminders such as: classroom activities, upcoming events, school closures, etc.

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What are the Best School Newsletter Ideas?

When sending school newsletters on a regular basis, you need to have a long list of schools newsletter ideas to pull from. That’s why you’re here reading this, right?

So, let’s get into the various topics you can put in your newsletter to drive engagement.

1. Upcoming Events

There’s always an event happening at school or after school. For back-to-school nights, parent/teacher conferences, graduation, bake sales, sporting events, and more, an events newsletter is a great way to grow attendance and spread the word.

2. Student Achievements

A school newsletter is a wonderful place to praise a student or students who have reached an accomplishment or done a good job. For example, if you’re running a competition or awarding prizes for sporting wins, you can share the happy story in your next school newsletter.

3. Alumni Stories

There are many students that come and go through your school’s doors. And, the best part is that many of them go on to do big things! Since they are a product of your school’s education, it’s nice to share their stories and inspire current students.

4. Faculty/Staff Spotlights

In the same way that you can highlight students, you can also place a spotlight on your staff and faculty that are doing a job well done.

For example, if one of your staff members finished their own degree or the school bus driver hit a milestone of working with the school for a certain amount of years, shine the light on them for their success!

5. Interviews

Interviews with staff, students, notable people in the community, and even parents can be a fun inclusion in a school newsletter. It’s engaging and allows people to learn more about others.

6. Mental Health Tips

Mental health has always been a concern. But, now, it’s even more top of mind. You can use some of your newsletter real estate to fill up with helpful resources, tips, and tools to improve mental health.

7. Inspirational Quotes

Kickstart your readers’ day or week with some inspirational quotes that are feel-good words. A nice way to grab attention is to include a photo with the quote.

When you use email builders, there are image editors within the tool that allows you to easily crop and resize photos as you wish.

8. Awareness Days

There are various national and international awareness days. You can keep an eye on what’s upcoming and share them within your newsletter to make it known. These awareness days can be tied to fundraisers, donations, or even school events to spur student activity.

9. School Policy Updates

Updates on school policies? Make it known! Important school updates can get to who needs to know about them with the aid of a school newsletter. In 2022, there were 4.3 billion email users, and each day, that number grows. So, it’s a great medium to reach your audience.

10. School Club Activities

If your institution has a music club, debate club, math club, drama club, or any other club, it requires that students take part in it! These activities are wonderful means for students to socially interact and develop.

Besides announcing the club activities and meeting dates, you can use a newsletter to share photos and videos from the clubs themselves.

11. Blog Posts

Have a blog on your school’s website or read interesting blogs online with great shareable content? You can share it within your newsletter and drive more traffic to your website.

If you’re looking to send curated newsletters, you can use an email builder’s features to make it simple. The email builder will scrape online content, so you can spend less time retyping headlines and copy.

12. Community Features

Schools are an integral part of their surrounding communities, and so are the local businesses that surround them. You can showcase community events, businesses, and more within your newsletter to help them prosper.

13. Local News

Everyone should be aware of what’s happening in the news, especially if it affects education. That’s why one of the most important schools newsletter ideas is to include local news updates.

14. Notes from Leadership

When principals and key school stakeholders have something to share, a newsletter is a way to get their message across to connect with students, parents, and/or staff.

Whether it be words of motivation, updates about how the school is faring financially, or an outlook on what to expect in the future, leadership can share this knowledge via written words or video content.

15. Involvement Opportunities

If you’re looking for volunteers to help with grant writing, painting areas in the school, or planting gardens on the property, you can ask for help within your newsletter.

Not only will parents, staff, and students feel good about giving back to the school, but they’ll also have the opportunity to collaborate with their peers!

What is the Best Tool for Creating School Newsletters?

With the array of use cases and information you can send in school newsletters, there’s no doubt why you’d want to be able to send them on a consistent basis. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming to do.

With the aid of an email builder (such as Publicate), you choose from hundreds of fully customizable pre-built templates without any coders or designers required.

The email builder has drag-and-drop functionality and also integrates with your favorite email providers, such as Gmail and Outlook. That means once you’re ready to send your beautifully branded school newsletter, you can simply load them into Gmail or Outlook with the click of a button.

And, after you press send, you’ll gain access to detailed analytics and heatmaps so you can see how successful your newsletter campaign is.

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What are Best Practices for Successful School Newsletters?

When you’re gearing up to send your newsletter, keep in mind these best practices to hit the nail on the head:

  1. Plan your content in advance - and map out the school year/important events so you’re not rushed
  2. Write for your audience - base the content on their needs and what’s valuable to them
  3. Incorporate feedback - from staff, faculty, and even students
  4. Use tools like email builders - to save you time and make it a fun process

When it comes to balancing your newsletter, less can be more. Don’t overload content and design elements because you want readers to feel at ease when they open the email.

Email builders, replete with school newsletter templates, make this seamless by removing the guesswork of how to set up the email. The templates are pre-built with best practices already and have been tested across devices and screen sizes to be responsive.

In Culmination

At the beginning or end of the school day or week, these schools newsletter ideas can make all the difference in how students, staff, and parents feel about your institution.

They are a great way to stay connected with all those people that matter to the school’s functioning. At the same time, with the use of email builders, they are a pain-free way to communicate and boost engagement with consistency and purpose.