Best School Newsletter Examples, Templates & Tips

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Best School Newsletter Examples, Templates & Tips
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If you work at a school, then you know there’s always communication that needs to be sent out. Various school newsletter examples showcase the different types of messages that get sent.

From parent newsletter examples to staff newsletters (and everything in between), we’re going to see how an email builder can help you achieve your communication goals with ease.

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What is a School Newsletter?

A school newsletter is a form of communication that is sent on behalf of administration, teachers, and/or staff to parents and/or students about school activities, events, and updates.

Along with getting a message across, a school newsletter can open the door to two-way communication so that students and parents can provide their feedback to school leaders and teachers and vica versa. Or, you could wish to send a newsletter for parents from teachers.

School newsletters can be sent at any desired frequency, be it weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. With the use of an email builder like Publicate, creating and sending beautifully designed newsletters has never been easier.

With Publicate you have hundred of professional templates to choose with and drag-and-drop functionality that enables anyone to design newsletters (with no need for coders or professional designers)! It simplifies the newsletter process saving you time, while also maximising engagement.

Why are School Newsletters Important?

School newsletter examples prove their importance. Whether you are on the sending or receiving end of a school newsletter, you know that they are intended to be informative, serve as reminders, and offer a way to connect.

School newsletters can be used to:

1. Inform

Whether you’re looking to promote a school trip or showcase a school club, you can educate students and parents alike with a newsletter.

2. Remind

School newsletters are a great way to remind your audience about upcoming events, as well as new school policies or updates.

3. Connect

Last but not least, a school newsletter keeps parents, teachers, employees, and students engaged with what’s happening on campus.

What to Include in a School Newsletter?

As the creator of a school newsletter, you may be wondering, “What do I include in a school newsletter?” Given that there are so many endless options, it’s a great place to begin by reviewing school newsletter examples.

On top of using examples as inspiration, review the following list of what you can include in your next school newsletter communications:

1. Upcoming Events

School events are always all the buzz. But, they require attendance to exist. A school newsletter is the perfect place to highlight upcoming events, activities, and holidays. This way, everyone can be aware of what’s happening so that they can get involved.

2.Student Achievements

Students who do well deserve to be recognized! Not only does the recognition go a long way to provide meaning to a student who did a job well done or performed as an outstanding citizen, but it can also serve as motivation for fellow students to follow suit.

3. Principal Messages

Just like CEOs rarely have time to chat one-on-one with every employee in a business, a school principal is basically in the same boat. But, that’s not to say that what they have to say isn’t important.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite, but they don’t have the bandwidth and time to talk to everyone. That’s why a school newsletter is a great opportunity for a principal to share a message with teachers, staff, parents, and students.

4. Teacher and Student Interviews

Interviews are another fun piece of content to include in school newsletters because they are always different and help everyone to get to know one another. You can interview teachers about their jobs and/or students about what it’s like to be a student at the school.

To boost engagement and memorability, it’s always a great idea to add a picture to give a face to the name behind the interview. Publicate provides a multimedia library, so you can upload your own content such as images, files, gifs, video and more.

Additionally, with a built-in image editor, it’s easy to crop and resize any photo to fit within your chosen template without needing another tool.

5. Community-Based Good News

Did something good happen in the community surrounding the school? Help to spread the word by sharing the exciting news in your next newsletter.

6. Awareness Day Reminders

There’s always something to celebrate with national awareness days. If there’s a good cause that’s being recognized, a school newsletter can help to spark involvement and even be a vehicle to help fundraise for a good cause.

7. Alumni Spotlights

When students graduate from your school and achieve greatness, the school should celebrate their accomplishments because the school surely had something to do with it! Highlighting alumni can be a wonderful way to inspire current students to go forth and do great things.

8. Blog Posts

If your school runs a blog, you can amplify recent blog content by promoting it in a newsletter. Or, if you don’t have a blog tied to the school, you can curate content from around the Web that’s relevant and worthwhile to share.

9. Helpful Resources

You can also dedicate a section of your school newsletter to sharing helpful resources for students, teachers, and parents alike. For example, you can spotlight an after-school tutoring service, promote a local business, or share teacher career development courses.

10. Gratitude for Staff and Teachers

Staff and teachers do a lot for any school, and it’s always nice to share gratitude for all that they do. Public recognition in the form of a newsletter offers a reminder for students and parents alike to thank faculty, staff, and teachers for doing a great job with students.

What are School Newsletter Examples?

With all these school newsletter ideas above, let’s see some school newsletter examples in action to see how to execute your next newsletter.

1. Event Template

Publicate’s event template is a wonderful choice for any school that’s planning an event or field trip. From this snapshot, you can see that the template is set up to be very clear and to-the-point of what it’s all about.

With a delicate balance of copy and imagery, readers can see exactly what the event is at the top, and then drill down into the day’s details below.

2. Announcement and Registration

This newsletter is a great option for a school that’s looking to promote a specific event or opportunity. In fact, you can customize this template’s content for any purpose.

But, it’s a good choice because you have a big headline and call-to-action button right below a short summary. Then, you can add color to your message with photos and additional information.

3. A List of Updates

If you have a lot to share, but don’t want to overwhelm your audience, this template is the way to go. It’s colorful and concise. The pairing of imagery and different blocks of content make it easy to see a lot of information at once.

What are Best Practice Tips for School Newsletters?

Along with the benefits of using an email builder like Publicate’s to make your school newsletter goals an achievable reality, keep in mind these best practice tips:

1. Send with Consistency

Regular distribution and frequency helps to condition your audience to expect your communications. In turn, they are more likely to look out for it and read your communications when they hit their inbox.

2. Make it Mobile Responsive

Most people (85%, in fact) read their emails on mobile devices, so you want to be sure that your content adjusts to screen sizes (a.k.a. Is responsive). Publicate’s templates already handle this consideration for you.

3. Cater to Your Audience

Write your content and position your information based on the audience in which you are sending the newsletter to- i.e. parents, teachers, and students all care about different information.

How to Create a School Newsletter in Publicate?

We’ve used the word “easy” in reference to creating and sending school newsletters using Publicate, and rightfully so! Now, we’re going to show you how simple it is.

1. Log In

Sign up or log in (or try it out) to get started. Choose to work from a template or build your own template using drag-and-drop content blocks.

2. Customize Content

Customize your content. You can move content around or simply input the content you want to include in the template as is. Publicate offers a wide-range of tools to bring your vision to life.

With features like a drag-and-drop editor, built-in image editor, multimedia library (enabling GIFs, videos, photos, and more), and dynamic web scraping for curated content, you get to do less but include more!

3. Send Away

After you’ve built your perfect school newsletter, you can send your creation using your favorite email service provider.

Publicate integrates with leading email providers like Gmail and Outlook, along with over 57 other options. You can export your HTML email, share your newsletter as a web page or on social media, drop it into Slack, or download it as a PDF.

4. Monitor and Review

Last but not least, be sure to check out the analytics to see how your newsletter performed. Publicate provides you with a heatmap, click-through rates, open rate, and key performance indicators to see how engaging your newsletter was for your audience.

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Final Words

From inspirational school newsletter examples to the content you choose to send, Publicate is fully stacked to help you coordinate and execute your communication efforts.

Since there’s a lot of movement happening within schools, it pays to have more time to focus on your message itself, rather than having to worry about how to design, test, and send our communications.

With an email builder like Publicate, you’re ready to go with everything you need to make your next school newsletter a stellar success! Try it free for 14 days with a free trial and see how much it can help your school.