If your team is anything like us on Slack then everyday you are sharing lots of really valuable content amongst yourselves, but… what happens to that content once it’s been shared amongst the team, what action is taken?

Probably very little, but surely if your team is finding all this content valuable then so to would your audience, so what if you could get massive value out of the content your team is sharing on Slack, value like more website traffic, leads, and happier customers?

That’s where Publicate’ Slack integration comes in.

In this post, I will cover how to setup the integration between Slack and Publicate, why these two tools are so awesome together, and a few extremely easy ways to turn links shared in Slack into valuable content assets that you can use in your content marketing efforts.

First, here’s a brief intro to both of these tools…

How Slack and Publicate Help Teams
Get Things Done Faster

Slack is…

Simply put, Slack is a messaging app that makes it really easy to communicate with and share information between teams and making collaboration between teams seamless by integrating with all the apps you already use and focusing the conversation on everything into one place.

Publicate is…

A tool for content marketers that makes it easier than ever to create lead generating content assets like newsletters, roundup blog posts and resource hubs from the content they are already sharing and producing.


Put Publicate and Slack together and they form the ultimate way to leverage all of the content you are already sharing as a team in Slack, to easily create engaging content assets in Publicate that you can then share that to your target market, no brainer!

First let’s get the integration setup, then, I’ll cover some really cool ways you can put the Slack and Publicate integration into action.

Integrating Slack and Publicate

Firstly open the workspace settings that you want to add Slack to, which you can find in the left menu then scroll down to see the ‘Connect an integration’ section and simply click on “Connect Slack”

Once Slack loads its permission widow follow the steps and choose the channel that you would like to connect to this workspace. You may already have a dedicated channel to share all of the content you find as a team, or if not you might want to so everyone knows where to share the great stuff they are finding, and then connect that channel to Publicate.

Once you have the Publicate Slack integration setup, it’s time for your team to really start reaping the benefits.

Benefits of Integrating Slack and Publicate

Let's have a look at just some of the ways you can get the most out of integrating Slack and Publicate…

Seamlessly curate content as a team

  • The great thing about connecting Slack to Publicate is that all of the content that your team is sharing in slack will now automatically funnel into Publicate
  • Which is great, because once it is in Publicate you can easily organize that content in tags and folders, making it easy for the team to find and more importantly use the information again, which brings me to the next point…
  • This means that all of the content that you are sharing anyway is now available for you to turn into new content assets without having to do any extra work or worry about getting the content into Publicate

Everyone contributes to creating new content assets

  • With Slack connected to Publicate it also means that the entire team can contribute to your content assets without having to leave Slack. Set up a channel dedicated to the content that you share together and  people can help out right where they are comfortable, from Slack.
  • Because you are tapping into the sharing that is already going on in Slack, you will get a steady stream of content that can be leveraged for making new content assets in Publicate. No more searching around the internet when your team has already done the work.
  • Your team is a fantastic filter for good relevant content. Chances are if it’s valuable to you and your team then its probably valuable to your customers, but you haven’t had to go around the internet searching for it, your team is already doing it anyway.
  • This boosts team engagement and moral. When everyone can more easily work together to create real value for the company then everyone is happy, and team members are even more happy when content they had found is seen as interesting and gets used by marketing, moral rises and the company as a whole becomes stronger.

You’ll create more content for your team, prospects, and customers.

Now you can put all of the content that your team is sharing to good use and create engaging new content assets to;

  • Create helpful resources and training on specific subjects and practices that helps other teams in the company, like “Top resources for getting started in email marketing”
  • Curate and create content that helps to convert potential customers like “Here’s what other customers thought” – a collection of customer reviews, user generated content and press coverage related to the decision you are wanting the customer to make
  • Create a regular blog post or newsletter to send to customers on “What our team has been reading this week” to keep customers interest and share some insight into your company culture
  • Curate and create a valuable resource hub, of all of the top content that your team has collected on a specific subject, like “The top 15 resources for Growth Marketers”


We all know that the thing that takes the most time in curating great content is actually finding the content in the first place, and then you have the mess of that content being spread out over several platforms or team members.

By integrating Slack with Publicate you are able to harness the effort that your team is already undertaking by sharing valuable content with each other in Slack, without having to ask them to do anything other than what they are already doing.

No extra effort, lost more benefits like;

  • Access all of the content and knowledge that the team has shared on Slack automatically in Publicate
  • Instantly use it to create engaging assets without having to chase people or leave Publicate
  • Make the team feel involved and part of the content process without them even having to do anything

If you haven’t already connected Slack to Publicate what are you waiting for? Add it to your workspace now from the workspace settings in the left menu.

What content assets do you create with the Publicate and Slack integration? Lets see some in the comments, we would love to hear from you.

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