10 Best Gmail Template Extension: Expert Picks

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10 Best Gmail Template Extension: Expert Picks
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Read time: 13 min

Efficient email communication has transformed how we interact daily, and the right tools can elevate this experience. A reliable Gmail template extension can revolutionize the way you communicate – making your emails both impactful and efficient.

Here, we’ll take a look at what a Gmail template extension is and how you can use an email builder like Publicate to easily create and export your professional HTML emails.

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What are the Best Gmail Extensions?

Gmail has become the go-to email service for many, in the digital age of today. And given its ease of use, seamless integration with other Google services, and extensive customization capabilities – it’s no surprise.

Yet, the real power of Gmail shines through with its vast array of extensions (including the option of a Gmail template extension), specifically designed to enhance user experience. From tools that aid in professional communication to those that streamline workflow, the extensions ecosystem is vast.

But, which ones stand out? Here's our rundown of the best Gmail email extensions:

1. Publicate

Publicate is more than just a Gmail extension – it's a completely stacked email builder that makes email creation, sending, and analysis simpler than ever. Put simply, Publicate is an email builder for newsletters creation for marketing, sales and internal communications.

Publicate saves time in email creation as it removes the need for designers and coders. With Publicate, anyone can create engaging emails simply and easily so you can focus on the content that matters.

Publicate integrates seamlessly with Gmail, so you can leverage its professional template designs for any need and still send your communications using Gmail.

Publicate has an intuitive interface with drag-and-drop capabilities so that anyone, regardless of technical savviness and/or design abilities, can create professional, beautiful and engaging emails.

It also has a content library so you can upload, store, and input any multimedia to make for interactive content. Additionally, when you add an image into your design, the built-in image editor makes it easy to crop and resize without having to rely on any third-party software or tools.

With an hundreds of email templates to choose from, the interactive templates are pre-built with engagement best practices already implemented, so you can avoid guesswork.

Lastly, the icing on the cake is Publicate's dedicated Gmail plugin. With this, users can embed their tailor-made templates directly into Gmail with nothing more than an “Export” button.

Put simply, you can use Publicate to create stunning and appealing emails and still use Gmail to send them out, so there’s no need to learn any new systems. Plus, Publicate provides analytics so you always assess how your email campaigns are performing with detailed clicks rates, open rates, and heat maps.

2. Boomerang

Boomerang has become a go-to for many who want more control over their email timing. Imagine drafting an email late at night but wanting it to hit the recipient's inbox first thing in the morning. With Boomerang, you can schedule it just so, ensuring you always send messages at the most opportune moments.

And if you're waiting on an important reply? Set up a reminder, and Boomerang will nudge you if you don't get a response by a certain time. The tracking system also provides insights into when your emails are read, giving you an idea of how your outreach is performing.

However, there are aspects to consider. While the scheduling feature is neat, it can become a crutch. Relying too much on it might make your emails feel less spontaneous or personal.

Some users have mentioned that the platform's interface isn't the most intuitive, leading to a bit of a learning curve. And, as with many tools, the free version comes with restrictions. This means to unlock Boomerang's full potential – you might need to invest in a premium plan.

3. Gmelius

Gmelius aims to transform your Gmail into a hub of teamwork and collaboration. Instead of hopping between Gmail and other project management tools, you can manage tasks, delegate responsibilities, and share email drafts all within your email environment.

Its built-in tracking is a boon for those coordinating with teams, letting you know who's seen an email and when. The scheduling function, similar to Boomerang, allows for more strategic email planning – making it easier to align team communications.

But with added features comes complexity. New users, especially those looking for basic enhancements to their email experience, may find Gmelius's list of features a tad overwhelming. It's a robust system, but that means there's a steeper learning curve involved.

Additionally, while Gmelius prides itself on seamless integration, it doesn't always play nicely with every third-party tool out there. Teams that rely on a mix of software might face occasional hiccups or inconsistencies when trying to make everything work in harmony.

4. WiseStamp

Ever wanted your emails to stand out? WiseStamp lets you make unique email signatures. You can add your latest blog post, social media links, or even a video. It's a way to show off your personal brand or business.

Some people find the design options limiting, and others think it's too flashy for professional communication. Plus, if you're not careful with what you include, your signature could end up looking cluttered or distracting.

5. Right Inbox

Right Inbox aims to be a game-changer in email productivity. It tracks emails, automates follow-ups, and even lets freelancers and marketers measure how well their campaigns are doing.

If you're new to email marketing or don't send many emails, Right Inbox might be more than you need. Plus, some users have reported glitches and issues with the tracking feature. It's a powerful tool, but it might take some getting used to.

6. Flashissue

Flashissue is for those who need to send newsletters without leaving Gmail. Its drag-and-drop builder makes it easier to put together newsletters, and the analytics feature lets you know how well they're doing.

Some users find the design options limited, and the analytics might not be as detailed as specialized email marketing tools. If you're looking for a simple way to send newsletters, it's great, but it might not be enough for more advanced needs. For more on why, check out this resource that clarifies the nitty gritty details.

7. Checker Plus for Gmail

If you have multiple Gmail accounts, Checker Plus can be a big help. It gives you notifications for all your accounts in one place, and you can even read or delete emails without opening Gmail. You can get it in the chrome store or equivalent web app stores for other popular browsers.

8. Simple Gmail Notes

Simple Gmail Notes lets you jot down reminders and ideas right in your Gmail. It can help you stay organized, and since it syncs with the cloud, you can access your notes anywhere.

If you need grander note-taking features, like tagging or formatting, it might fall short. Plus, there's a risk of cluttering your inbox if you add notes to too many emails.

9. Clearbit Connect

Want to know more about the people you're emailing? Clearbit gives you information like social media profiles and job positions right in Gmail.

It can help you tailor your emails, but it's not always accurate, so don't rely on it too much.

10. Staffbase (formerly Bananatag)

Staffbase helps you keep track of who's opening your emails and clicking your links. If you're in sales or marketing, it can provide some useful insights.

The tracking might not be 100% accurate, and some users find the interface confusing. Plus, if you're only sending emails to friends and family, it might be overkill. It's a tool with specific uses, so make sure it's what you need before diving in.

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How to Create an Email Template in Gmail using Publicate?

Getting started with creating a personalized email template in Gmail using Publicate is straightforward because it is a trusted Gmail template extension. Firstly, log into your Publicate account and sift through the expansive template library. Pick one that resonates with your brand's voice and email’s purpose.

The next step is customization. Publicate's user-friendly interface allows you to infuse the template with brand-specific images, captivating text, and other relevant content. Once your masterpiece is ready, save it.

A noteworthy feature of Publicate is its seamless Gmail integration. By leveraging the Gmail template builder, users can effortlessly embed their bespoke templates directly into Gmail, crafting emails that leave a lasting impression.

How to Send an Email Template in Gmail using Publicate?

Sending a crafted email template using Publicate is a rewarding experience.

1. Choose a Template

Begin by accessing the hundreds of professional, customizable templates within Publicate. Browse through and select the desired one, setting the stage for a memorable email.

2. Add Content

Once you have your template chosen, you can use the drag-and-drop functionality and content library to input your content. If you add any photos, you can simply adjust the photos directly within the template using the image editor. Once you’re happy with your content, you’re ready to export.

3. Export and Send

With Publicate's one-click feature, the selected template gets transported to your Gmail drafts instantly. This integration saves valuable time, ensuring you remain efficient. Once the template is in your Gmail drafts, you’re ready to send! You can even embed html directly into Gmail from your Publicate template.

With Publicate, every email sent isn't just communication – it's an experience. Recipients get more than just information – they receive a beautiful, professional communication that stands out in their inbox.

Wrap Up

The right Gmail template extension is a game-changer, enhancing both the sender's and recipient's experience. Among the extensive list of options, our top pick, Publicate shines through with its impeccable features and user-centric approach.

If egnaging and memorable communication is your goal – Publicate is worth the exploration to save you time and make your email creation process a breeze.