10 Best Software for Creating Newsletters: Top Picks!

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10 Best Software for Creating Newsletters: Top Picks!
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Read time: 13 min

Sailing across the huge expanse of the best software for creating newsletters may seem daunting, as there's just so many to choose from. How do you make a decision about which is best suited for your business? Have no fear; we've made it simple by carefully inspecting and rounding up the top selections.

Let’s get into it!

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What is Email Newsletters Software?

Email newsletter software is an incredibly helpful tool to craft, send, and track your email campaigns with ease.

It conveniently enables you to take advantage of fully customizable professionally designed templates that can elevate the aesthetic beauty of any correspondence while ensuring each message retains its authentic character; meaning all communications stay on-brand.

Most importantly, email newsletter software helps to boost engagement, which is the primary goal.

Thanks to these clever software solutions, businesses now have the ability to ensure their newsletters are sent out on-schedule and without any unnecessary manual labor. Taking the hassle out of scheduling allows companies to keep in contact with their subscribers regularly.

But, it doesn't stop there. A standout feature of top-notch newsletter software is its capacity to unearth insightful analytics; think tracking email opens, click-through rates, and bounces - among other info.

This indispensable data provides businesses with the perspective they need to determine how their initiatives are faring and tailor future strategies accordingly, making this software a nonnegotiable tool for formulating on-point email marketing plans.

Why is Email Newsletter Software Important?

As technology advances, companies are scrambling to discover the most effective techniques for staying connected with their customer base.

Enter email newsletter software, arguably one of the best email marketing tools, and definitely a crucial asset for any successful modern marketing campaign. But why? Let's take a look at the big picture:

1. Improve Reach

Email newsletter software is like a personal assistant for businesses. It helps them make a direct connection with their customers and deliver an intimate brand experience right in the inbox.

That kind of personalized touch creates stronger user relationships, giving those brands the edge they need to stand out from the crowd.

2. Increase Engagement

With the help of personalized content tailored to customers' preferences and actions, businesses can become much more engaging. Not only will this greater interaction build strong brand-loyalty, but it can also bump up those conversion rates.

3. Less Manual Effort

Automated sending and follow-ups let businesses save time and reduce manual effort – meaning they aren't bogged down by tedious manual tasks. Not to mention, it allows them to really immerse themselves in creating content that'll grab the audience's attention.

4. Metrics & Data

Finally, the real beauty of investing in first-rate newsletter creation software lies in its capacity to follow and analyze customer habits.

The tracking capabilities built into these tools grant firms invaluable intel which can then be employed to perfect their marketing techniques. This data-driven attitude points towards more successful drives later down the line.

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What to Look For in Email Newsletter Software?

Figuring out the best software for creating newsletters can be tricky—you need to take into account your individual needs and business objectives. Before you jump right in, reflect on these crucial aspects:

1. Ease of Use

This software needs to be a breeze to use - no stress, no hassle. Its intuitive interface should carry you through the creation of amazing newsletters without any tedious learning curves along the way. Basically, it should get you up and running with minimum fuss.

Take Publicate’s email builder for example. With Publicate, you can choose from hundreds of fully customizable professional email newsletter templates for internal and external audiences in no time using the drag-and-drop functionality and content blocks.

Plus, you can use the image editor tool to edit images directly within your design so you can see how it will look!

2. Templates

Before you settle on a newsletter platform, make sure it has plenty of options when it comes to email template software - ones where you can really put your personal stamp on. Not only should they be customizable but also consistent in their design. That way, your emails will feel recognizable every time the reader opens them.

3. Automation

Automation capabilities are a must-have these days. The wise decision would be investing in software that can take care of sending newsletters and follow-up messages. This way, you save yourself the hassle of doing it manually and ensure timely communication.

4. Analytics

Analytics can really help you stay on top of your email marketing efforts. Look for software that packs comprehensive analytics and provides deep insight into opens, clicks, and bounces.

All this data gives you the ammunition to strategize smarter, make informed decisions with real verifiable numbers instead of mere guesswork. This will allow you to make your email campaigns much more impactful.

What is the Best Software for Creating Newsletters?

Searching for the most suitable software to produce newsletters can be challenging. To make your choice easier, we compiled some premier platforms each with their own pros and cons. So you're sure to hunt down what fits your business’ demands perfectly!

1. Publicate

Publicate allows users to whip up captivating newsletters without breaking a sweat. Its wide selection of professional customizable email newsletter templates make creating visually-stunning emails feel like child's play.

Seamless integration with various email clients like Gmail and Outlook takes the cherry on top of this amazing platform - ensuring users an effortless and enjoyable experience when crafting their masterpieces.

The integration using Chrome extension supports Gmail, Outlook, and more. This makes it as simple as clicking a button to embed your newsletter directly within your chosen email provider to send (without the need for a coder).

It even offers features like content library, team collaboration tools and more; making life so much easier for any digital marketer out there who wants to give their readers something fresh and captivating at first glance.

Working with this software is a breeze – you can have your content curated and amazing newsletters designed in no time which is why it’s one of the best software for creating newsletters!

Publicate’s user-friendliness and sleek interface surely make it one of the favorite choices for many businesses. And if you're wondering about how it all works, take advantage of the free 14 day trial now!

1. Hubspot

Hubspot is well-established in the arena of marketing tools. Recognized for its robust all-in-one solution, Hubspot's newsletter creator offers many great features.

You can expect drag-and-drop editing capabilities, personalization options and analytics. However, for those without prior experience, the complex interface may put you to the test.

The pricing can be on the steep side too, so make sure it’s the right choice for your business before moving forward.

3. Constant Contact

As you may know, Constant Contact has some of the best newsletter templates and features to help spruce up your newsletters.

However, it might be tough for newbies to get the hang of it all. And the pricing can vary depending on how many contacts you have, which is not exactly fitting for every business out there.

4. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is definitely a popular choice among many businesses due to its broad feature set. Despite its popularity, the interface can be overwhelming for novices, potentially leading to a steeper learning curve.

Mailchimp offers a free basic plan, which can be a significant advantage for startups or small businesses with tight budgets.

5. Brevo

No doubt, Brevo has a user-friendly platform and prices that won't break the bank. Though some competitors have loads of automated and high tech features, Brevo’s simplicity makes it a solid choice if you're just looking to kickstart your newsletter without getting all bogged down in tech.

6. GetResponse

GetResponse is known for its top-tier automation tricks like autoresponders, segmentation, and analytics. With that said, these bells and whistles can be daunting for apprentices to take on.

Although it's pricey compared to others, the depth of features makes it an ideal match for businesses wanting a full-fledged newsletter software package.

What are the Best Desktop Publishing Programs for Newsletters?

Desktop publishing programs like Microsoft Publisher, Adobe InDesign and Scribus can pack a powerful punch when it comes to creating newsletters that look fantastic.

With this trio of heavy-hitting apps you get total control over your designs - perfect if you're all about ultimate flexibility when it comes to layout. Of course, these programs aren't suited for everyone; they require some digital design know-how if you want to unlock their full potential.

Well, while these automated programs offer top-notch web design and layout, they are not very intuitive, and lack newsletter templates plus they don't have the list management or analytics capabilities you'd need for truly successful email campaigns.

That's when email newsletter software like Publicate comes to the rescue – it brings home both elements – visual appeal with optimum performance without the need for coders or designers!

What is the Best Email Newsletter Software?

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Choosing the best email newsletter software largely boils down to your business's requirements and your email marketing strategy.

You'll find that certain computer programs have their innate strengths when it comes to crafting and producing newsletters. To figure out where you should turn, let's look over some of the top picks across different departments:

1. Creating

A newsletter builder like Publicate really stands tall in the creation game - the streamlined user interface is so easy to use, and there's a plethora of dynamic fully customizable professional templates available to maximise engagement.

Also, its integrated content library is a no-brainer for those businesses that want hassle-free curation of their content – you can't go wrong with this choice.

2. Graphics

Canva is often hailed as the ultimate solution for graphics, boasting an unbeatable selection of design elements.

That being said an email builder like Publicate steps up to the game with its intuitive embed feature, allowing you to pull in media and graphics from any web page like a breeze. Utilizing these platforms in tandem can be an unbeatable combo.

3. Newsletter Writing

Grammarly is a crucial tool for developing error-free and correctly constructed content. However, don't overlook the indispensable part a newsletter builder plays in your writing process, offering the framework and layout to host your material with success.

4. List Building

OptinMonster is a powerhouse for expanding email lists, providing different lead capture forms. Utilizing a newsletter creator is also an effective way to increase your subscribers; by creating engaging newsletters, you'll be able retain more users in your database.

5. Sending

Sending and receiving feedback is easy with newsletter platforms like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and especially Publicate. What makes a tool like Publicate unique is that it integrates with many email clients – Gmail, Outlook, and others.

All of this taken together means that if you're looking for an all-in-one email newsletter solution, an email builder like Publicate is a great choice.

Wrap Up

With the vast array of email newsletter software out there, it can be daunting to choose just one that meets your business needs. But fortunately, an email newsletter builder like Publicate, with its phenomenal blend of intuitive features, simple-to-use format and huge range of customizing options, can ease this search.

Time after time, it comes out on top as the best software for creating newsletters and is the dependable choice for many companies. Give it a try for yourself with a 14 day free trial!