20 Best Employee Newsletters for Email Success

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20 Best Employee Newsletters for Email Success
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It's remarkable what a well-crafted employee newsletter can do for an organization. They don't just broadcast information - they enable robust dialogue between colleagues, build camaraderie, and just downright lighten everyone's mood.

The best employee newsletters help propel the business ahead and really make a difference in achieving all of its goals. Let’s take a look at some of the best employee newsletters so you can get going.

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What is an Employee Newsletter?

Staying connected, informed and motivated; that's what employee newsletters are all about. They are a reliable tool for corporate communication, delivering news that matters, recognizing hard work and fostering connection between staff.

With these periodic digital correspondences, companies can ease divisions, tighten bonds and maintain sustainable morale within the organization.

The newsletter does more than just broadcast info, it's a living, breathing reflection of your company's culture. It acts like a bridge between teams, departments and levels of leadership, expressly designed to keep all involved feeling informed, appreciated, and valued.

Why are Employee Newsletters Important?

Internal newsletters are essential to a company's communication strategy. Used to provide timely updates, fuel unity and streamline communication, the intrinsic value of these materials are often overlooked. To fully appreciate their importance, here's an exploration of the many roles that the best employee newsletters serve:

1. Internal Updates

Newsletters are a vital tool to keep the whole organization in the loop when it comes to company news, updates on projects, and achievements. They help everyone stay aligned so misinformation or any confusing miscommunication can be squashed immediately.

2. Fostering Unity

Employee newsletters can help with the heavy lifting when it comes to molding morale and erasing divisions. They bring us together, uniting us with a sense of pride and common purpose among our departments. Connecting staff in such a way is really what builds an indivisible identity throughout the organization.

3. Streamlining Communication

Newsletters simplify communication by consolidating pertinent details to make the process smoother and more organized. Moreover, this reduces email saturation and allows employees to have a concise overview of necessary matters.

4. Storytelling

The employee newsletter serves as a platform to share your company’s story, vision and growth goals with the team. Through it, you can spread awareness of the journey, achievements, and values that hold your company together.

5. Amplifying Communication

Newsletters provide a voice to internal communication, amplifying critical information, lessons, and corporate culture.

6. Effective Onboarding

Onboarding new employees is essential to any business and what better way to ensure successful adjustment into the team than a newsletter? Keep your newest members in the loop with a continuous supply of knowledge, creating a comfortable and well-informed environment.

7. Employee Satisfaction

Finally, employee newsletters act as an outlet for gathering employee feedback and increasing job satisfaction. Also, they give management a chance to gain insights into the workforce and take timely action to address any negative sentiments.

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What to Include in an Employee Newsletter?

The perfect staff newsletter examples should produce a balanced approach between crucial information and exciting content.

Instead of just focusing on noteworthy announcements, policy changes or firm-wide news, consider including stimulating content that your co-workers might enjoy.

Outstanding and fun employee newsletter ideas could be a display of employee successes, having polls and questionnaires, as well as featuring personnel profiles and hosting a friendly competition or quiz.

Keep your readers entertained, informed and enthused with each edition of your newsletter by incorporating elements of consistency with fresh, stimulating content.

Curate sections such as a CEO's message, an update on company news, details of upcoming events or insights into the various learning and development opportunities available. By doing this, you can ensure a loyal base of readers who'll look forward to your next edition.

How to Create an Employee Newsletter?

Constructing the best employee newsletters for your employees is both fast and easy when using a drag and drop email builder like Publicate.

Our comprehensive email builder platform is equipped with hundreds of fully customizable, professional employee newsletter templates that follow the best practices to help maximize engagement.

With Publicate, you're presented with an array of capabilities to go above and beyond your typical marketing or advertising tool. Not only is it straightforward to use, it allows you to craft custom newsletters that are tailored to your needs. With templates, you can skip the need for coders and designers, save time, and focus on the content itself!

And, when you’re ready to hit send, it’s so easy to embed your HTML email into your email provider of choice. Alternatively, if you’d rather just export your creation, you can do that to by taking advantage of Publicate’s integration with popular email providers like Gmail, Outlook, and more.

The benefits are twofold - you get to share your messaging with incredible ease, and simultaneously receive quality feedback through its powerful analytics feature.

This enables you gain invaluable insights into your content's success, make optimizations for greater engagement, and fine-tune tactics for more impactful results.

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What are the Best Employee Newsletter Ideas?

Tap into your team's motivation and keep them in the loop with an innovative employee newsletter. Get the creative juices flowing with these 20 of the best company newsletter examples that will boost morale, supply information and bring a feeling of togetherness to your workplace.

1. Employee Spotlights

It's a great opportunity to give recognition for each person's successes or interesting hobbies. Showing their colleagues their accomplishments or what they're passionate about creates an atmosphere of mutual understanding that helps bring everybody together - making it a tighter-knit community.

2. Team Achievements

We all love to see our team succeed! Whether hauling in bigger results than expected or doing something amazing, it's important to highlight those hard-earned victories for everyone else.

It helps us share a sense of pride and solidarity - plus being able to recognize each other's achievements can give everyone that extra kick of motivation when things get tough.

3. Fun Contests

Games at work can sure make your day fly by. From team games promising a wave of good vibes to creative puzzles designed to up the stakes, these light-hearted competitions are just the thing for brightening a dull mood and adding some much-needed excitement.

Plus, they're an awesome way to bring everyone together – just make sure it doesn’t go too far and become hostile or distracting.

4. Company News

Transparency is absolutely essential in any organization if everybody's on the same page. By sharing important updates and progress reports, employees are kept informed which makes them feel like an invaluable part of the company's growth story!

When they know where their employer is headed with the mission and objectives, it builds everyone up so that all paths align.

5. Behind the Scenes

Getting a glimpse into the inner workings of the company can really do wonders for helping staff build respect and an understanding.

Showcasing what your IT staff does with their careful attention to detail, or shining a light on how ingenious your marketing crew is in their work, gives everyone an appreciation for the different parts that make up the organization.

6. Health & Wellness Tips

A healthy workplace isn't just good for business, it's also a powerful way to show your team that taking care of themselves is top priority.

Keeping everyone in the best physical, mental, and emotional shape possible can up productivity in ways you may not have even considered – not to mention stress-busting benefits.

7. Learning Opportunities

By offering resources that help employees further their learning, you really put stock in their growth. Spotlight webinars, courses, and other materials connected to your field of business - a tangible testament to the company's enthusiasm for personal development which keeps up staff morale and elevates all-around skillset!

8. Q&A with Leadership

Building a connection between management and staff is paramount for fostering an environment of open exchange. A Q&A session with leaders offers employees the chance to learn more about corporate strategies, address their worries, and feel part of the grand plan.

9. Feedback and Surveys

Employees are seeking to be heard loud and clear. Reaching out for feedback through surveys or polls is a tremendous way to glean meaningful perspectives that might have been overlooked.

It also provides staff members with reassurance that their insight is valued, fully embraced, fostering an atmosphere of involvement and initiative to further enhance the workplace.

10. Charitable Activities

Promoting your company's corporate social responsibility efforts not only shines a light on the business but also instills meaning and purpose.

Make sure to emphasize how you give back, whether it's through volunteering, donations or environmental practices. It lets people know that your organization cares deeply about its impact and wants to make an effort towards making the world a better place.

11. Company Milestones

Celebrating major company events—be it an anniversary, hitting a significant target, or launching a new product—enhances a collective sense of achievement and shares the joy of success with all employees.

12. Upcoming Events

Everyone gets excited when there's a company-wide event or even just a simple get-together. Featuring these in your newsletter builds anticipation, cultivates engagement and helps foster an awesome sense of community throughout the entire organization.

13. Industry News

Keeping your staff on top of the game by ensuring they're privy to all the recent industry trends and news is essential. This means making them aware of new technologies, regulations, and changes in markets related to your field.

14. Birthdays and Work Anniversaries

Acknowledging personal milestones gives your newsletter a more personalized touch, reminding everyone that their presence and contributions as individuals are seen and appreciated beyond their professional capacities.

15. Office Humor

With just the right pinch of wit, environments can be instantly transformed. Whether it's some clever pun, an amusing office anecdote or even a cartoon - these little wonders are capable of lifting spirit and easing tension.

16. Community Involvement

Displaying involvement in nearby activities and events is a great way to foster a feeling of pride and connection. Whether it be putting your foot forward for local charity runs, backing up some of your staff’s favorite local events and inviting their participation as well will surely raise spirits.

17. New Hires

Greeting the newest members of your team in your company newsletter is a great way to give them that feeling of belonging from the get-go. It's like giving them a helping hand into the fold so they can properly introduce themselves and existing staff can chime in with a welcoming hello - all for a more inclusive culture.

18. Product Updates

Keeping your team up to speed on product alterations or advances helps keep everyone informed of the company's wares, helping them comprehend how they add worth to clients and contribute to the business' achievements.

19. Departmental Updates

Showcasing everyone's wins in the newsletter brings about camaraderie across departments. This creates an aura of admiration, inspiring departments to collaborate more seamlessly.

20. FAQs

Get ahead of the game by addressing common questions in your newsletter. This way, you'll reduce confusion and make your operations a whole lot smoother.

With a little tweaking, these entertaining ideas for employee newsletters will cater specifically to your company's needs and goals – leaving you with an interesting, informative, and fun workplace newsletter.

Wrap Up

If you want to experience a total transformation in your internal communication and create one of the best employee newsletters, take advantage of top notch email newsletter software like Publicate.

It’s an amazingly robust platform that'll make crafting the ideal newsletter super easy so you can focus on the content that matters. Plus you get stronger company culture and better engagement all around. Try it free with a 14 day trial!