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Formatting a Newsletter with Publicate

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You’re creating an amazing Publication, and whilst adding some fantastic insight to your content, you you think to yourself "If only I could";

  • Change the Font of this title
  • Select a different Font Size for this key bit of text that I want to highlight
  • Choose a different Font Colour so this stat really stands out
  • Make this persons name Bold
  • Add Italic to this quote
  • Centre Align this important sentence
  • Add a Hyperlink to this person's Twitter profile
  • Put this steps in an Ordered List
  • Bullet point this list of interesting facts

Well… now you can, we’ve added a full suite of text formatting options for you to really customise the text in your Publications.

Whether it’s for Titles;

Title for

Content Titles;

Internal Holiday Newsletter Example With Message From CEO

Content Descriptions;

Company Christmas Party Invitation Newsletter

Or Bodies of Text;

Company Christmas Opening Hours Email Newsletter

We’ve even made it so you can add your own colour hex code to match the colour of your font to that of your or your customers brand colours.


Keep the feedback and feature requests coming, thats exactly why this feature is now live, because you asked for it, so thank you!

If you want to know what we are working on next and right now check out our Public Road Map here, and share some of the Publications you have created with some slick text formatting, in the comments below.

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