20 Fun Employee Newsletter Ideas for Success

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20 Fun Employee Newsletter Ideas for Success
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Here’s the good news: Your options are endless. 

Here’s the challenge: Your options are endless. 

When it comes to the array of fun employee newsletter ideas available to you, you can overcome the challenging aspect by using internal newsletter software. Before we jump into what newsletter software can do for you, let’s explore the many fun newsletter ideas that exist. 

What is an Employee Newsletter?       

But first, what’s an employee newsletter anyways? If you’re reading this, you probably have an idea, but it’s useful to define it anyways. An employee newsletter is internal communication that is intended for employees within an organization. 

In today’s day and age, it’s most common that employee newsletters are digitally distributed in the form of an email newsletter. This way, you can take advantage of analytics to assess how your employee newsletters are performing. 

Web-based email builders like Publicate make it easy to create, distribute, and analyze your internal employee newsletter. We’ll get back to this fact in more detail soon. 

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Why Create an Employee Newsletter?   

There are many initiatives that companies take to make sure that their employees are informed and engaged. 

1. Employee Engagement 

An employee newsletter is a low-cost and effective measure to encourage employee engagement and satisfaction. With email newsletters, employees feel involved. You can also provide a way for two-way communication and use employee newsletters as a way to make employees feel heard, too. 

2. Collaboration 

An employee newsletter helps to bring teams together, encourage employee participation in events, and ensure that employees are always up-to-date on the latest happenings within the company. 

3. Retention

With consistent communication, employees feel invested and part of something bigger than themselves, which can improve retention at the same time. 

4. Connect Remote Workers 

Many would agree that the use of an employee newsletter is more important than ever given the rise of remote workers and teams in distant geographic locations. An employee newsletter can be like the glue that keeps everyone together. 

It’s just one of the many communication channels that can serve as a crucial component to your internal communications strategy. 

What are Fun Ideas to Put in an Employee Newsletter?       

With an email builder like Publicate, it’s easier than ever to turn these ideas into a reality and start creating email newsletters. You’ll have access to templates and the easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality so you can get all the benefits of employee newsletters without any of the hassle. 

There’s no designers or coders necessary, and best of all, you can send your email newsletters using your own preferred email platform! 

Check out the below fun employee newsletter ideas so you can always provide an enjoyable experience for your employees. 

1. New Hire Introductions

When new hires join a company, training is often considered of utmost importance. But along with training, you’ll want to make a new hire feel welcome and part of the team as soon as possible. You can do this with a new hire spotlight in a newsletter. 

2. Career Development

Promote upcoming career and staff development opportunities to your entire organization by sharing the details in a newsletter. 

3. CEO Messages

CEOs have a lot to manage, such as running the whole business! That being said, it’s always of value for CEOs to have touchpoints with their employees. Share your CEO’s latest message and talking points to everyone at once in an internal newsletter. 

4. Top 10 Lists 

Listicles always grab attention. Spice up your newsletter’s content with top 10 lists, which can be of anything. To narrow it down, consider some practical lists for employees, such as the best healthy snacks to keep your brain functioning optimally, where to get a quick bite around the office, or the top 10 books for industry knowledge. 

5. Media Coverage 

Did your company recently make the headlines? Let everyone know so that they can share in the success. Plus, a curated content newsletter makes your job even easier as you’re sharing already published content and don’t have to spend time creating any content yourself. 

6. Internal Job Postings 

If you have open positions, let your employees know. Perhaps, you can promote internally or someone from their personal networks will be the perfect fit for the role. 

7. Policy Updates 

Keep everyone abreast of changes and policy updates in your employee newsletters. While this may not seem so “fun” per se, it’s definitely an important use of content space. 

8. Volunteer Opportunities

Help your employees give back to the community by sharing local community and volunteer opportunities. 

9. Company Events

Hosting a company event? Make sure everyone knows about it so that you can fill up the seats and throw a successful event. An internal company newsletter is a great way to make sure everyone sees the event details in a succinct and direct way. 

10. Customer Feedback 

It can be a great motivator for employees to see how their day-to-day activities are helping real people, in real life. By sharing positive customer feedback, you can motivate employees to continue doing their best. 

We touched on 10 common content ideas for employee newsletters that are more on the professional/corporate side. Now, let’s get into the more whacky, exciting, and unconventional fun employee newsletter ideas. 

11. Pet Photos and Stories 

Your employees become like your work family. Their pets are their family. Put the two together and expand your work family with personal pet photos and stories. It’s heartwarming content that can make anyone smile. 

12. Birthdays and Personal Milestones 

Celebrate the good times by announcing employee birthdays and personal achievements. Celebrations help keep staff happy and morale high. 

13. Wellbeing Tips 

Wellbeing involves every aspect of health, from physical to mental and all in between. Keep your staff happy and healthy by sharing wellbeing tips, tricks, and events. 

14. Jokes and Memes

Save some space in your newsletters for light content like jokes and relevant workplace memes. Leaving everyone with a laugh is a memorable way to engage readers. 

15. Guest Contributors 

Invite guest editors and contributors to create content for your newsletters. With different voices and perspectives, employees can count on varying perspectives every time they open a newsletter. 

16. Recommendations

Solicit feedback from your employees about their favorite podcasts, places to eat, movies they watched, and the like so you can kick off and inspire conversations amongst colleagues about shared interests. 

17. Employee Benefits

Good company benefits can impact the longevity of an employee. Be sure to remind employees about what benefits they have access to so that they can make use of them. 

18. Motivational Quotes

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein said that, and now you can take that wisdom with you everywhere you go. Share that same uplifting feeling with motivational quotes in your newsletter. Something so simple can make a big difference for an employee who is facing any hardship or challenge. 

19. Contests

Get your team involved by running contests. For example, you can prompt employees to respond to staff surveys with the incentive of winning a new iPad.

20. AMA

Ask me anything! Choose a company leader to open their inbox or social media feed to any questions. Not only is this informative, but it can also connect people to one another in unforeseen ways. 

How to Improve an Employee Newsletter?   

It’s recommended to send internal employee newsletters with consistency. However, you don’t want it to get stale and feel the same every time. With all your fun employee newsletter ideas, consider these best practices to keep your newsletters engaging every time:

  • Change up the format 
  • Be open to feedback and recommendations
  • Include various forms of media 
  • Collaborate with guest editors 

Don’t forget to make use of analytics! Analytics from Publicate can show you how many people are opening your emails and engaging with the content. 

How to Promote Your Employee Newsletter?       

Suffice it to say - your employees are busy with their work. Even though they are in their inbox most likely daily, you wouldn’t want them to miss your communications and fun employee newsletter ideas that you send out. 

To promote your employee newsletter across channels, you can:

  • Share it via your workplace communication platform such as your intranet 
  • Expand its publication across social channels such as Slack (Publicate integrates with the tools you’re already using, so you can do this with the click of a button)
  • Create visually engaging and dynamic email content so that your emails stand out and are something employees look forward to reading 

What are Best Practices for Success for Employee Newsletters?

As part of your newsletter creation journey, you may be faced with questions and considerations. In an effort to overcome any hurdles you may encounter, keep in mind these best practices for newsletter success:

  • Create a short, to-the-point and intriguing subject line 
  • Keep your tone conversational 
  • Segment your audience so all content is relevant to each reader 
  • Send with consistency (find the balance between too much and too little. You can base this off of engagement levels and analytics or ask for feedback directly)
  • Mix copy with images and multimedia content 
  • Involve employees in the creation and ideation process 
  • Try new things and experiment! 
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How to Create an Employee Newsletter?

The freedom to create a newsletter can be as exhilarating as it can be overwhelming. 

With the aid of an email builder like Publicate, the entire process is streamlined and made simple. Publicate provides you with access to an array of email newsletter templates, so you always have a starting point to get going. 

With the layout in place, you can leverage the content library to add interactive and entertaining elements into your employee newsletter, such as GIFs, images, video, audio clips, and more. 

With Publicate by your side, you’re ready to start creating and sending email newsletters immediately when you log in. Once your creation is ready to send, you can export it to your favorite email provider of choice (like Gmail or Outlook) or communications tool to spread it across your organization. 

After you’ve hit send, you can gauge the success with access to powerful analytics. 

Make it Fun For Everyone! 

From these hr newsletter ideas to the fun employee newsletter ideas mentioned above, you now are equipped with many options as to what kind of content to include in your next employee newsletter. When you’re ready to get started, check out Publicate’s email builder tool to see how easy and enjoyable designing and sending a newsletter can be. Try it free and see for yourself.

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