Best Newsletter Platform: How to Choose?

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Best Newsletter Platform: How to Choose?
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Choosing the best newsletter platform is essential for boosting your digital marketing strategy. It's not just about giving people info, this powerful tool helps connect with your audience, keeps communication channels open and interactive, boosts brand awareness, and ultimately drives business growth.

Here’s a guide for how to choose the best platform based on your business and communication needs.

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What is a Newsletter Platform?

For those looking to enhance their digital outreach strategies, a newsletter platform can provide the perfect solution. Offering an array of tools to create, send and track email newsletters, this medium provides users with an efficient and effective way to remain in touch with their target audience.

With customizable templates designed to suit any branding needs and analytics to evaluate performance, a newsletter platform is the ideal solution.

Advanced features like list segmentation, A/B testing, and automation are available on many platforms nowadays. These amazing tools give you the power to craft personalized messages that can blow your target audience away. With these features, tedious processes are a thing of the past.

If you love your current email provider (i.e. Gmail or Outlook), but wish to create more engaging and beautifully designed emails, then an email builder is the perfect solution!

With a tool like Publicate, you can choose from hundreds of professional templates and customize them with drag-and-drop functionality.

Given all the email builder’s features, you also gain access to a media library (filled with files, GIFs, and images) that you can add into your newsletter to spruce it up. Publicate has a built-in image editor, making it easy to resize and crop images so they show up exactly how you intend.

Then, when you’re ready to send, you can simply export your HTML newsletter to your email provider of choice (such as Gmail or Outlook) to send. All in all, you’ll be able to save time and create newsletters that maximize engagement!

What are the Benefits of the Best Newsletter Tools?

Newsletter platforms play an essential role in digital marketing, giving you a direct connection with your readers. They make it easier for you to create personalized, eye-catching content and promote customer engagement.

By offering various professionally-designed templates, they save you time while ensuring your emails look attractive and engaging.

In addition to being visually appealing, these digital services supply tailored features for segmentation and customization. This strategy helps to make a stronger connection to the people on your subscriber list while at the same time increasing the level of engagement.

Staying informed has never been easier by tracking your email campaign’s success with comprehensive analytics. With metrics, such as open rates and clickthroughs, and heatmaps you can assess how your strategy is performing and use this information to adjust your course for optimum email marketing success.

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How to Choose the Best Newsletter Platform?

There's no denying that the success of your email marketing campaign rides heavily on your newsletter platform choice. When it comes to choosing the right platform for you, consider the ease of use, cost, and level of support. That way you know all your bases are covered.

Do your due diligence before making a decision –– taking into account these three elements will help guarantee that you have made the best selection.

1. Understanding Your Requirements

Taking the time to determine the key capabilities your business needs is a vital step prior to choosing an email platform. Is automation required to achieve efficient marketing campaigns? Do pre-made templates play an essential role in achieving brand consistency and growing customer relationships?

To amplify your campaigns and attain the highest efficacy, it is paramount that you evaluate which analytics suite serves your purpose best. Think about your specific goals and preferences, and this will help to identify the platform that most closely fits the bill.

2. Platform Usability

Make sure you choose a user-friendly platform that makes drafting and managing newsletters a cinch. Opt for features within an interface that can be quickly and seamlessly navigated. Seek design tools that simplify the process of curating your messages, and improved integration capabilities to minimize the amount of effort invested.

The system should offer a varied experience, easily adaptable to users of varying levels of experience, from novice to experienced users.

But, if you’d still rather use your own current email provider, but are itching to create more engaging emails with the aid of pre-deigned templates, all you need by your side is an email builder like Publicate that integrates directly with your email service provider of choice.

3. Support and Pricing

Cost is an important factor when selecting a platform and should be taken into account –– finding free newsletter software is possible.

Scrutinize the price structure while ensuring you get all the critical capabilities that you need without overspending. Moreover, evaluate the customer service the platform provides to guarantee you have a reliable source of help when needed.

Ensuring reliable customer service is paramount; this includes access to comprehensive, self-support guides and a prompt help desk for troubleshooting.

4. Scalability

As you and your business grow, the complexity of your email marketing campaigns may demand more. To ensure your efforts remain efficient and effective, it’s important to find an email platform that offers scalability.

Look for features such as augmented automation, increased list size, and advanced analytics so your efforts remain ahead of the curve.

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What are the Best Newsletter Platforms?

Selecting quality newsletter tools boils down to your business needs — whether you're looking for help creating templates, tracking analytics, or optimizing automation, you can find just what you need.

To illustrate some of the best options out there, we've rounded up a few of the top-rated email newsletter examples currently available.

1. Publicate — Best for Engagement and Templates

For those looking to make their newsletters stand out, Publicate provides the perfect solution. Their wide range of professional and attractive email newsletter templates helps to bring a polished and engaging feel to any email campaign.

Regardless of what email platform you use, like Gmail or Outlook, Publicate helps create an authentic visual experience without any of the typical constraints –– other newsletter services require you to work outside of your preferred email platform.

Enjoy easy newsletter creation with the drag and drop user-friendly Publicate interface. Quickly curate content, add your own branding, and quickly design a layout to your liking.

Publicate also boasts analytics, an image editor, and content library - so everything you need to design an engaging email is already built into the email builder!

Given the hassle-free integration with your favorite email service providers, you can still work within the systems you know to send your emails once you’ve designed them in Publicate.

Publicate’s template works with over 50 email provider and has been tested extensively on mobile and across devices to ensure responsiveness. You can try it for yourself for free with our 14 day trial here.

2. Hubspot

Are you looking for a total, all-inclusive, marketing platform? If so, Hubspot might be just what you need. This comprehensive package offers an abundance of features that'll make your life easier –– from its simple drag-and-drop editor to robust A/B testing and analytics.

Not only does it possess integrated email marketing capabilities but also CRM modules plus advanced blogging functions with social media and SEO solutions –– making it ideal for seasoned marketers.

Nonetheless, although this is a top-notch solution if you’re only seeking a newsletter platform –– it might be more than what you bargained for.

3. Constant Contact

For small businesses, Constant Contact is a great option as it provides a simple-to-navigate interface with plenty of features.

Boasting some of the best newsletter templates, contact management capabilities, analytics and tracking, and social media connectivity, the platform accommodates the unique needs of businesses as they expand.

Plus, it has plans that adapt to different budgets, with even a no-cost option for getting started.

For enterprises looking for sophisticated features, its automation prowess may come up short –– offering only basic tools.

4. Mailchimp

Mailchimp has firmly planted its flag as a go-to spot for users seeking a straightforward way to step up their marketing game. Nailing campaigns and streamlining them with segmentation, personalization, A/B testing, and reporting is lightning quick because of the huge array of templates available.

New businesses and small to medium-sized enterprises often pick this email-marketing platform due to its efficiency and strength. Although this can be a good resource, pricing may not be as attractive as other comparable services in the industry as your business grows.

5. Mailjet

Mailjet is committed to team unity. It features capabilities that make it simple for teams to work on email projects together. One of Mailjet's crucial elements is real-time collaboration, which gives the staff the ability to make edits and enhance efficiency while working together.

Businesses that value team collaboration in their email marketing endeavors will find Mailjet to be an excellent and suitable choice. However, those in need of more sophisticated automation and targeting may find its capabilities somewhat lacking.

6. ConvertKit

The newsletter platform ConvertKit is incredibly valuable to content creators due to the suite of specialized features it provides. It's well-known for its automation capability and tools that allow marketers to customize the journey of their audience. This tailored path makes it easy to deliver personalized content to your subscribers.

Although the platform is very popular, it might not be ideal for businesses with particular requirements or a tight budget. If this is the case, you should consider whether there are other tools more specialized that better meet your needs and provide better value for your money.

7. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor's user-friendly platform is outfitted with amazing email marketing capabilities, with comprehensive reporting to boot. If you are a marketer who craves data-driven insights, this may be the ideal choice for you. Its analytics will take your campaigns to the next level.

For organizations with a significant following, the cost of this service might not make financial sense due to its pricing system which is determined by the number of connections. This means that the higher the number of followers, the more costly it becomes.

Picking the perfect newsletter platform for your specific business is key. You should look at each option and make sure it has all the features, pricing, and capability you need to meet your objectives. Don't rush into anything –– be sure to take the time to really consider the options before taking the plunge.

No matter which platform you ultimately select, content quality and relevance to the target audience are critical elements to making sure your newsletters will be successful. Consistent communication is also key to achieving the desired outcome.

Wrap Up

When selecting the best newsletter platform, your email marketing strategies can be drastically improved! Think about what your needs are, assess your budget, and learn about the different options to find the perfect venue for you. Keep in mind that for maximum success, the appropriate platform should support and tie in smoothly with your business objectives.

If you’d like to give Publicate a try, we invite you to sign up for a 14 day free trial to see how effective and easy your email creation process can be.