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Weekly Newsletter

Grow your audience and drive traffic. Create beautiful and engaging newsletters in minutes, without design or dev.

Content Digest

Summarise important topics and resources. Sometimes just one resource doesn't tell the whole story. Curate it all into a single digest.

Trending Digest

Show your industry knowledge and experience. Keep your finger on the pulse by curating the latest news and trends into a digest.

Client Newsletter

Keep clients up to date and nurture relationships. Easily create informative emails with text, images, web links and files.

Tool Roundup

Share knowledge and resources with one link. Bring together any number of resources, products and tools into a single engaging page.

Internal Newsletter

Keep the team and stakeholders up to date. Pull together and share all the information the team needs to know, and in an engaging format.

Topical Newsletter

Add comment and insight to the latest topics. Share your thoughts and opinions on the latest news and information with an engaging newsletter.

Resource Roundup

Everything you need in one place. Make it easy for customers to see all of the important information they need on a topic.

How To Resources

Provide real value to your customers. Create useful How to Resources that customers will really appreciate.

Blog Roundup

"Whats the latest from your blog or community? Create a roundup that showcases that latest content from you and your community.

Learning Digest

Compile indepth knoweldge and resources. Bring together all of the useful information into one single place and add it to your website.

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