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What is Publicate?

Publicate is the easiest way to create curated email newsletters and web roundups. Like the one you just saw.

It works by connecting to all your favourite content sources, to automatically build a library of valuable resources. Ready for you to drag and drop into fully mobile responsive templates.

Everything you create can be published anywhere, by email, web or social media.

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Automatically Curate all of your (and your team's) favourite content into one Content Library

No more messing about with finding and saving content, Publicate connects to all your favourite tools and automatically saves content images, titles and descriptions.


The easiest drag and drop editor on the web, which will make you look like a designer and save you tons of time.

No need for designers or developers. The whole point of Publicate is to make your newsletter & weekly web roundups look awesome, without any effort.

Publish anywhere. Everything you create can be exported as HTML, so it works, everywhere.

No need to change from the platforms and tools you already use. Publicate works with them all.


Publicate LOVES GIFs.

You can search the entire GIPHY database from within Publicate and add ALL the GIFs to your Content Library, email newsletters and web roundups.

Access 100,000’s of high quality royalty free images right inside Publicate.

Search and find all of the images you need for your email newsletters and web roundups without having to leave Publicate.


Create more than just emails. With Publicate you can also create fully responsive Web Pages and Web Embeds.

All with the same simple editor. You can even convert your email newsletter into a Web Page or Web Embed, with one click, that’s 2 pieces of content for the effort of 1!

Everything you create is fully mobile responsive.
So it looks beautiful everywhere.

All you need to do is just carry on reading interesting content as you
browse the web. Publicate does the rest.

Publicate is so simple, you already know how to use it.
Get started AND create your first newsletter in under 3 minutes.

If you know how to click and drag, you know how to create a good
looking newsletter. And it works with all your existing tools.

No sign up required (Yay!)

Here are a few of the 1000’s of businesses
who already love Publicate

“Publicate has transformed communication with clients. They absolutely love the bespoke weekly roundups we tailor just for them."

Nishita Upadhyay Snr Digital Producer, ODD London

"Publicate makes creating beautiful, content rich newsletters really fast and really easy. It's freed up a lot of time for us."

Nick Smith Product Marketing Manager, Geckoboard

"With Publicate sharing Resource Roundups with students is a breeze, quick for us, engaging and valuable for them."

Paul Connor Education Manager, General Assembly

Publicate Community


Still not sure? Here's 8 reasons to try Publicate today..

1No designers needed

It has a beautiful, simple drag and drop editor that will make you look like a designer.

2No developers needed

Everything you create exports as mobile responsive HTML that works everywhere.

3No fiddly WYSIWYG editors

Simple templates, with easy to use customisation and solid drag and drop that you can’t mess up.

4No frustrating formatting issues

Things just align like you want them to, because internet catz.

5No wrestling with powerpoint or Word

Create communication your clients will love, without wanting to kill yourself.

6No lengthy design or sign off process

No need for designers and developers means no lengthy sign off process. The fact it will look great helps too.

7No content getting lost across teams

Everything is now in one secure place, and connects to all your favourite tools to collect content automatically.

8No being tied to a platform

Publicate exports to and works with EVERY platform..



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