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Publicate Referral Program

  • Paid monthly, to your personal PayPal
  • Recurring 30% commission on any customers you refer
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  • Open to anyone, not just Publicate users

publicate referral program

Here's an example...

  • You share your URL with Sandra
  • Sandra signs up on the Team Plan at $49/m
  • Every month we'll pay $14.70 to your personal PayPal account
  • After 12 months, you'll have earnt $176.40
  • From just this one sign up


From just 1 sign up

Start Earning Now

How To Get Sign Ups And Earn $$$

  • Share your unique URL on Social Media
  • Talk to other departments in your company that might also like Publiate
  • Include your referral URL in your weekly newsletter
  • Add your referral link to relevant pages on your blog or website

  • Include the link in personal email to people that would use Publicate
  • Include your unique URL on your about.me page
  • Add the link to your Social Media bios
  • Include the link in your other referral or affiliate roundups

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