How IntegriChain Aligns a Global Team Using Publicate

IntegriChain found a fast, simple way to keep their globally-dispersed team on the same page. See how they leveled up their internal comms with Publicate.

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“Publicate is a really easy way to make your communication look professional, especially if you don’t have a design background.”
Jamie Gerdes
HR & Talent Development Specialist, IntegriChain

About the Company

The IntegriChain platform helps pharma manufacturers bring their science to market. It harnesses data commercialization to help its clients launch successfully, whether they’re navigating their first product or are ready to expand their portfolio.

Pharmaceutical companies can work alongside IntegriChain to balance their financial and patient goals to ultimately help patients get the therapies they need.

To date, IntegriChain has supported over 400 pharmaceutical customers, which includes 70% of orphan or rare launches, and 50% of all first-time launches.

Jamie Gerdes of IntegriChain’s people and culture department spoke to Publicate about how our email builder keeps their 700-strong team on the same page.

The Challenge

A large team working in different time zones made it difficult to keep everyone in the loop. IntegriChain needed a simpler way to align their global team, and manage communications and the admin that comes with that.

1. Aligning a global team

IntegriChain is an international company with offices in the US, Colombia, and India. That means not everyone can attend their bi-monthly meeting. They needed to be able to send a meeting summary, video recordings and announcements to keep everyone on the same page – regardless of their physical location.

2. Designing emails with structure

The company updates and wellness newsletters were more of an “information dump” than a well-designed and engaging newsletter. It was difficult to know how well they were being received by the wider team.

3. Email management

Collaborating and tracking results were proving difficult, wasting time for IntegriChain’s communications team and leading to lots of guesswork.

The Solution

Publicate became a tool to curate, showcase and share outcomes and company announcements in an engaging way. From design to collaboration and tracking, it filled the gaps in our customer’s processes.

1. Easy information sharing

IntegriChain can now send company-wide newsletters as a follow-up to meetings, so everyone has access to important news and developments. With the drag-and-drop functionality, they can instantly add screenshots from reports and drop in Slides saved anywhere on the company drive.

Thanks to Publicate’s Chrome extension, IntegriChain can save important links when browsing, and use them as an instant content library during the newsletter creation process. The library folders make it easy to categorize content by ‘used’ and ‘unused’ so the team knows exactly what content they can select, for a more streamlined workflow.

2. Success-tracking

Detailed analytics mean IntegriChain can now keep an eye on the performance of every newsletter. They can make sure they’re hitting their targets and find out which information resonates most strongly with the company as a whole.

3. Clear, engaging design

A large company has to fit a lot of detail into each newsletter. By designing with Publicate’s modules, they can easily break up the design into more manageable and appealing chunks. This is a huge boost for readability.
“Organized, efficient and professional.”
Jamie Gerdes [talking about Publicate]
HR & Talent Development Specialist, IntegriChain

The Results

IntegriChain can now more easily manage an increase in company meetings (which went from monthly to bi-monthly in 2022). With the Publicate platform, it’s faster and easier to design beautiful newsletters, and streamlined collaboration comes as standard.

1. More interactions

A clear newsletter design has increased engagement, with more recipients reading the content and re-watching the recordings. IntegriChain now has access to the analytics that showcase how much readers enjoy the content.

2. Faster response times

Sharing important company news after an update now takes no longer than an hour. The templates are set up and ready to go; IntegriChain simply choose a template and fill in the blanks.

3. Increased collaboration

Thanks to beautifully-designed pre-built templates, multiple people in the company can work on newsletters – no matter how technical they are. With our Gmail integration capability, employees can send emails straight from the HR inbox – and anyone in the team can get the job done.

4. Brand consistency

The people and culture team can rest assured that every newsletter will be on-brand since their color and style guidelines are all saved within the Publicate platform. For IntegriChain, getting company branding right is a priority, so this takes away any inconsistency concerns.
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The Experience

The organization that comes with Publicate has been a game-changer for IntegriChain. Being able to save all emails in one place, and to easily see sending history, means the team no longer needs to search to find what they need in a busy inbox.

With the advanced analytics on offer, not only can IntegriChain easily find emails, but they can check on their performance and build a clear picture of what works best.

The ability to design engaging and enjoyable emails – without a graphic designer – has saved time and enhanced the whole experience. IntegriChain simply uses our pre-made templates to inspire the design of their email, and brings in banners and modules to customize and add structure to their content.

About Publicate

Publicate is the leading email builder giving teams the tools to build professional, beautifully designed emails and export them from your favorite platform.

With pre-built templates, drag-and-drop functionality and easy image editing, you can quickly and easily design emails without coding or design experience.

Whether you’re a marketing team reaching out to your customers, or an internal comms team trying to enhance processes and share company news, Publicate’s detailed analytics mean you consistently get performance feedback for an understanding of what works best for your email campaigns.

We’re proud to be the email builder of choice for universities, marketing agencies, local businesses and huge names such as Netflix, Microsoft and Disney.

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