How Day Optimizer leveled up their marketing and communication game with Publicate.

Day Optimizer CEO Trevor tells us how fast and easy it is now to engage with leads and nurture existing users, bi-weekly.

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“ Publicate is great for people who want to spend less time designing newsletters and more time on content. It allows you to easily set up your own branded template newsletter workflow ”
Trevor Lohrbeer
  Day Optimizer CEO

About the Company

Day Optimizer (DO) is a digital day planner that helps solopreneurs create daily plans that reflect their priorities. It does this using guided workflows designed around neuroscience principles. 

DO automatically imports your calendar appointments, allows you to mark tasks off, either as Done Today or Done Forever, and helps you schedule all other regular activities.

Once a plan is created, DO provides a real-time ETA for the end of your day that updates as you check commitments off.

The Challenge

Designing newsletters can be a daunting task, as Day Optimizer experienced before Publicate. They were looking for a time-efficient, user-friendly solution that stays true to their brand and delivers results without wasting time.

1. Spending less time on newsletter creation

Tired of grappling with a cumbersome newsletter builder that ate away valuable time, Day Optimizer was in urgent need of a swift and efficient newsletter editor. They wanted a solution that would liberate precious hours so they could focus on driving company growth instead.

2. Branding consistency

Limited brand features and customisation options in the previous systems prevented their templates from fully reflecting their brand identity.

3. Design flexibility

The last system’s cookie-cutter templates stopped Day Optimizer from making more granular edits and were unable to craft the more personalised, creative templates they wanted.

The Solution

Publicate stood out as the time-saving solution that seamlessly integrates with their workflow, and ensures templates stay perfectly aligned with their brand while offering the content flexibility they needed..

1. A built-in content pipeline

‘Other tools don’t allow you to build a content workflow but Publicate does. ‘says Trevor, who uses the Publicate Chrome extension to save webpage links to his library when browsing the web. This way, all relevant content is queued up and ready to add to the next newsletter.

2. An email builder that saves time

Trevor can now create newsletters in around 15 minutes, a vast improvement from the 1.5-hour laborious process endured via previous platforms.

Automating newsletter styles with the Brand Kit, setting up a content workflow via the Publicate extension and re-using saved templates means barely any design work is needed after preparing the content. This completely streamlined Day Optimizer’s newsletter process.

3. On-brand aesthetic and engaging design

As well as automatically reflecting the brand's style, each piece of content features call-to-action buttons and social sharing options carefully selected by Day Optimizer to promote engagement.

Combined with Publicate’s powerful design flexibility, Trevor can achieve the polished, on-brand, and professional newsletters he wants.
“This is where Publicate shines: newsletter creation used to be a 1.5-hour tedious process, which is now dramatically faster. It’s a 15-20 min breathe-through process, packaged in a much cleaner branded design. “
Trevor Lohrbeer
Day Optimizer CEO

The Results

Day Optimizer can effortlessly nurture leads and engage with its users more frequently now that creating the newsletter has become a breeze. With positive feedback from readers and time gained, Trevor is confident he’s found an efficient solution.

1. Increased engagement and contact points with all stakeholders

Now that creating newsletters is so fast and easy, Day Optimizer can reach all stakeholders more frequently. Nurturing leads and staying in touch to support current users has never been easier.

2. Time freed to focus on the content that matters

Spending less time on designing newsletters means more time and energy is available to fuel business expansion. The focus is now about providing the high-quality, inspiring and helpful content the Day Optimizer's users appreciate.

3. Boosting brand recognition while leveraging design adaptability

Getting company branding right is top priority for every reputable business. With brand colors, text, buttons and social share guidelines securely stored in Publicate, there is more room for creativity to flourish, without the worries and the platform’s engaging  features can be used to the full.
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The Experience

The efficiency and simplicity offered by Publicate has revolutionized Day Optimizer's operations. 

Streamlining the newsletter creation process freed up valuable time, allowing the team to direct their energies towards driving business growth while remaining confident in the professional appearance of their newsletters.

The outcome resulted in overwhelmingly positive feedback from their newsletter readers.

About Publicate

Publicate is the leading email builder giving teams the tools to build professional, beautifully designed emails and export them from your favorite platform.

With pre-built templates, drag-and-drop functionality and easy image editing, you can quickly and easily design emails without coding or design experience. 

Whether you’re a marketing team reaching out to your customers, or an internal comms team trying to enhance processes and share company news, Publicate’s detailed analytics mean you consistently get performance feedback and an understanding of what works best for your email campaigns. 

We’re proud to be the email builder of choice for universities, marketing agencies, local businesses and huge names such as Netflix, Microsoft and Disney. 

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