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“A significant factor when choosing Publicate’s newsletter platform was the ease of use. We needed a platform that could be used by different people logging in to one template. I also love the simplicity and flexibility of the design elements."
Chris Daley
Caltech Library’s Communication Coordinator

About the Company

Caltech is a world-renowned science and engineering institute that gathers some of the world's brightest minds and most innovative tools to address fundamental scientific questions and pressing societal challenges.

It's among the most prestigious science and technology universities, often compared to MIT and Ivy League universities.

To advance this mission, the Caltech Library partners with faculty and students to expand human knowledge and benefit society through research-integrated education. It provides 2401 students, faculty members, and 45 members of staff with access to collections and repositories, research and instruction support, publication services, 375,760 books, and further preservation of data and archival materials.

Its Communication Coordinator, Chris Daley, tells us more about how Publicate became a key facilitator in communicating with the students, faculty, and Library staff.

The Challenge

The Caltech campus is segmented into six different divisions, which made it challenging to coordinate announcements via a single channel and made it complicated to provide regular updates about what the Library offers.

1. Collaboration

It was crucial to find an effective tool where a shared newsletter template could be created and made accessible to the subject librarians who communicate with the divisions.

2. Branding

It was also important for the template to be branded as per Caltech Library’s styles and to be very clear and organized so that each subject librarian would know how to update the newsletter and could do it at a convenient time.

That meant finding a platform that facilitates collaboration and offers newsletter template saving and sharing across a team workspace, all the while keeping all communications on brand.

3. Internal Comms

The Library team also had a second requirement as they wanted to improve internal communication with the Library staff, which required a separate newsletter.

However, not everyone in the team wanted to send the newsletter through the same inbox/email provider so they needed a platform that didn’t impose restrictions on the sending/sharing process.

The Solution

Publicate proved ideal in terms of team collaboration, ease of use, template-sharing versatility, and branding.

1. Collaboration

Within their shared workspace, all subject librarians can contribute independently whenever they’d like and fill in the newsletter template providing regular announcements and featuring services made available to their divisions.

2. Branding

They were able to save and reuse a branded template that is accessible to everyone invited to the team.

3. Frequency

Since there’s no limit to the number of newsletters created or sent or the number of recipients, Publicate also allows the Business & Operations department to communicate weekly with all Library staff.

4. Flexibility

Users appreciate the sending/sharing flexibility.

5. One Tool

Campus and internal communication are covered in one comprehensive tool.

The Results

Using Publicate, it’s now easier than ever to promote library resources, services, and programs to increase awareness and engagement by the students and faculty.

1. Increased Engagement

The Library announcements are now able to highlight recurring features such as Workshop Highlights, Featured Resources, Library Staff Recommends, and Caltech Library in Pictures. All of these have become part of easy-to-read updates that the campus community has come to expect.

2. Increased Awareness

Thanks to these newsletters, the awareness of the Library's activities has increased significantly while the internal communication between Library staff has become clearer and simpler.
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The Experience

What Caltech Library users appreciate most is Publicate's ease of use. The team collaboration features are easy to navigate and access so different people can customize a shared branded template.

In terms of visuals and creativity, Publicate offers lots of flexibility with the design elements and allows users to repurpose well-designed marketing outreach materials.

Plus, there are many options for how to send or share the newsletter—via email, messaging apps, social media, website/blog, etc. Publicate offers an uncomplicated and straightforward process to keep everyone informed and up to date.

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