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33 Newsletter Ideas

We've pulled together a complete list of newsletter ideas to help inspire you and your customers to achieve better results. No more thumb twiddling with this list. You'll never run dry on what to add to your newsletter again. They are broken down by newsletter ideas for:

  1. Clients, Customers and Community
  2. Employees, Teams and Stakeholders..

They are then broken down a further step into the purpose of each newsletter idea, like Capture Leads. So you know exactly which idea is good for what

Clients, Customers, Community

Generate Brand Awareness

Weekly Newsletter

The classic, hand curated content on a topic your audience will love, straight to their inbox.

Popular This Week

What has been trending on social media this week? Curate it all and add some of your own content to the mix.

Curated Industry Digest

What is the key content from your industry? Curate, summarize and add your own personal insight to it all.

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Drive traffic

Recommended Reading

Join the conversation on social or comment threads with a branded list of relevant recommended content and articles.

Topic Round-ups

Round-ups of key resources on a specific topic are really valuable. Create one alongside your own logo and content.

What You Missed Over the Weekend

A popular curation for what was hot on the days off. Add some of your own content to capture clicks.

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Nurture Relationships

Client Newsletter

A bespoke newsletter packed with useful info keeps you front of mind and makes clients feel valued.

Problems and Answers

Helping customers on common problems with curated educational content will help build trust and your relationships.

Drip Emails

Customising information for different stages of the sales cycle will educate customers in a relevant way and boost conversion.

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Show thought leadership

Authority Roundup

What are authorities sharing in your industry? Curating their content and adding your own insight will show leadership.

Trend Report

Curating a report on the latest trends in your industry, with comments, insights and your own content is a killer.

Weekly News Digest

Simple but effective. Keeping your finger on the pulse with the latest news in your industry shows your depth of understanding.

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Promote Your Business and Services

Monthly Company Update

Show some personality and let customers know what's new and what your business has been up to this month.

Promotional Newsletter

Drive sales with testimonials, case studies and educational content to back up the sale. All with clear Call To Actions.

Product Announcement

You’ve just released something awesome, let customers know about it and provide all the resources they need to use it.

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Update Clients

Articles of Interest

Every day you and your team can find content that is beneficial to your clients. Curate it all into a valuable digest for them.

Weekly Client Report

Combine results of how well you’ve performed with press coverage and customer generated content to really drive home your value.

Innovation Report

Keep your clients up to date with the latest trends, technology and competition from their industry. An invaluable service addition.

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Capture Leads

Email Training Course

Create curated resources on specific topics and send out one a week. Capture email addresses in exchange for the weekly material.

Extensive Resource Hub

Build a hub of all of the valuable content and resources from your industry. Capture email address for access to your goldmine.

Offers Page

Create a hub of offers and discounts from relevant suppliers in your industry. Visitors get access in exchange for their email.

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Employees, Teams, Stakeholders

Share knowledge and Engage Employees

Industry News Digest

Keep everybody on top of the latest industry information, news and trends with a weekly curated digest.

Research Swipe File

Collect research on anything from competitors, inspirational design, tactics and best practices, round it up and share it with the team.

Curated Topic Roundup

Give your team a great depth of knowledge and information around any topic by collecting all of the valuable resources in one place.

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Update Employees and Stakeholders

Monthly Stakeholder Update

Successful product release, great marketing campaign, decent press coverage this month? Round up all the relevant info and share.

Internal Weekly Newsletter

Get everyone on the same page and fully updated by providing them with the key information they need to excel in their role.

Visual Performance Report

Information is better communicated and digested in a visual way. Pull together the key graphs and data in a beautiful report.

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Unify Distributed Teams

Weekly Team Newsletter

Keep everyone in the loop on the team's performance, achievements and latest industry info with a regular roundup.

Shared Team Knowledge Hub

Each team member is a valuable contribution to the overall knowledge, create a knowledge hub for them all to contribute too.

What We’ve Been Reading List

Let everyone know what hot content the team have found this week and build a sense of sharing and unity.

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Increase Team Productivity and Skill

Industry and Trend Reports

Information moves fast, make sure your team has a constant update on the latest news and trends by curating it into a visual report.

Training Resources

Instead of having to create it all from scratch, use the latest most relevant content from around the web to train and onboard staff.

Curated Topic Resources

Topics and subjects are ever evolving, make sure your team members have access to the latest trends and tools in a curated hub.

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