Special Edition!

Last week I teased a special edition of the [Tobin Today] Newsletter, because this is something I have been working on (a secret project) for some time.

I put together the best (and some of the most surprising) resources related to 1) building your list; 2) why curated newsletters kick butt over traditional email; and 3) why there are a whole bunch of newsletter first businesses popping up - meaning the are multi-million dollar media companies now, but they started as simple email newsletters.

Oh - and make sure you read down to the p.s. down below, because I have a special giveaway going just for my [Tobin Today] readers 😀

Why Newsletters Over Social Media

Every communicator wants her message to be heard. Every creative wants his art to be appreciated — right? But so many writers and artists don’t get the attention they deserve. Why? Because…
The Like Button Ruined the Internet
How "engagement" made the web a less engaging place
Lessons learned from Sam Parr of The Hustle — America’s fastest growing newsletter.

Ten Step Class to Building Your Newsletter

Business Opportunity With Newsletters:

How to build a great six-figure newsletter.
Scott and Brian explain how they grew a small side project into a booming businesses with over 600,000 subscribers and $4 million in annual revenue.
Follow the journey as 100 people worked to get their first 1000 email subscribers.
How one man’s passion made him into a modern day news hero
Arjen van der Horst was expecting things to slow down. The Dutch Broadcast Foundation (NOS) had dispatched him to Washington.
Let's be honest, when you think of email newsletters, you probably conjure up bad memories from a time when your inbox was too full to manage due to countless newsletters you didn't consciously sign up for. 
The highly curated directory of personal newsletters.
January 2015, as Martijn de Kuijper (founder Revue) was winding up the sale of his startup Fosbury.
Sometimes your feed needs to slow down to a titrated drip. That's the appeal of the weekly newsletter.
Let's start with the basics. What is a curated email newsletter? Think Dave Pell's Next Draft. Quartz's Daily Brief. Peter Cooper's Cooper Press. Brian Clark's Further. Brian Gardner's No Sidebar. Pamela Wilson's Weekend Digest. Ryan Hanley's The Sunday Seven. Jason Hirschhorn's MediaREDEF. What do...
An update on the business behind email newsletters such as thrillist, dailycandy, and more.
Email is the simplest and quickest way to stay connected with your customers. Accelerate your business by building a curated email newsletter.
Average Email Ad RPMs Email Banner Ads $5.00 Dedicated Emails $77 - $120.

How to Grow a Big List

It's not easy to get somebody to give you their email address. Most people wage an ongoing war with their inbox and the last thing they want is to invite more incoming missives into their life. But, with the right approach you can still build a large and engaged subscriber base.
Get 39 killer lead magnet examples that bring you customers fast (and not just subscribers)
Explore Wishpond's Opt-In Bar, Slide-In Popup, and Welcome Mat!
3 Common Mistakes Marketing People Are Making With Their Giveaway Promotions, And How To Avoid Them With A New, Unique Giving Structure.

How to Make a Great Newsletter

Want to see the collection of great online newsletters I have been building?

Success stories that draw inspiration and a better understanding of how to send out an awesome newsletter:

1.  Want to know how to make your newsletter better - read this.

2.  Just getting started with a newsletter - this will help.

3.  The surprising story of how a newsletter built a business AND saved a life.

4.  How do you even find great content for a curated newsletter? Watch this.

5.  How to make your newsletter more personal (and get 2-3x the open rates)

6.  An e-newsletter has relatively low costs of entry and can quickly scale up to millions in revenues per year. Here's how to get started.

7. Another collection of newsletters worth checking out.

8.  More tips on building a high growth newsletter.

9.  Here's an interesting take - don't call it a newsletter. Just provide the value.

10. Wouldn't it be cool to make a video game out of newsletters that make you money as a side hustle?

11. What is the difference between a curated newsletters and the way traditional email is sent, anyways?

12. What happened that newsletters have become so popular again?

13. A downloadable report about how Newspapers and Journalists are now using email newsletters to rebuild their audiences.

14. Want to know how to write subject lines that will get your emails opened?

15. Why you may want to get rid of 25% of your email subscribers.

That's it for this week's special edition - all about my love for newsletters!

And don't forget your special chance to win below!

Tobin "newsletter guy" Slaven

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