Developments At-A-Glance


Follow the sustained transmission of the virus on six continents. 

Find comprehensive information and guidance here from WHO regarding the outbreak of the coronavirus disease.

Visit links to all countries with specific information related to COVID-19.

Review CDC's pandemic-response plans and its work on multiple fronts including providing guidance on how communities can respond to the local spread of COVID-19.

Follow CDC information on this site regarding the coronavirus disease for travelers and travel-related industries.

Access State Dept. advice to citizens reconsidering travel abroad due to COVID-19. Many countries are now taking action that may limit traveler mobility, including quarantines and border restrictions.

View all 50 state health department COVID-19-designed websites and resources. In states where currently available, COVID-19 hotlines are provided.

Review comprehensive information and analyses from a highly respected institution. Coronaviruses are a family of RNA viruses that typically only cause mild respiratory disease in humans.

Evaluate DHS-issued instructions supplementing its decision issued on January 31, 2020 directing all flights from specified countries to be routed through designated U.S. airports where the government is focusing public health resources.

Review important information for workers and employers about the evolving coronavirus outbreak. The information includes links to interim guidance and other resources for preventing exposures to, and infection with, COVID-19.

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