July 20th, 2017

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Welcome To Our New Newsletter Format

We are so excited to share with you the new format of our weekly newsletter, and did you notice the name?

Yes, Mrs Jones and I, well you know 'We Gotta Thing.'

We have met some really cool people with great relationships during our journey through the lifestyle and we are listening to the needs of our fast growing community.  So the new format is designed to be less about us, and more about YOU!

We want to help you to 'Find Your Thing' by sharing more about what we are seeing, experiencing, reading, and paying attention to in the sex-positive, "can't talk about this with my co-workers" world.

Of course, each week we will also be sharing the latest and greatest from our own blog and podcast, but you can look forward to seeing a round-up from other podcasts, blogs and news we think you would want to know about.

This week's newsletter was curated for you, with a little sweat from Mr Jones and flirty wink from the “sexiest voice on iTunes.”

Care to join us?

Mr and Mrs Jones

Quality versus Quantity: How Often Do You Have sex? - From The Blog
It is not unusual to hear the results of a nationwide survey saying that the average married couple has sex on average “fill in the blank” times per week.  Does that mean if we don’t meet the quota of having sex two or three or four times per week that there is something wrong with us or wrong with our relationships?
This month we stray from our regular format to talk about being “outed” as podcasters in the lifestyle.  We discuss what happened, how it impacted our lives, how we managed the fallout, what decisions we had to make and how we’ve decided to move forward.

Blasts From The Past

If you missed these any of these past episodes or blog posts from 'We Gotta Thing' you might want to join us at one of these stops along the journey:
Episode 5: Soft Swap or Full? That....is the Question Mr Jones Keeping up with the Joneses This month we have a couple of local dates and experience the "no kissing rule"-twice! We share...
Performance Anxiety in the Lifestyle
Unfortunately, performance anxiety exists in the lifestyle. I'm not referring to a male diagnosed medical condition that can hopefully be treated with medication. The performance anxiety...
Mrs Jones Share Her Mango Martini
Sample the Mango Martini 1 oz. triple sec 1/4 oz. lime juice 2 oz. Absolut Mango vodka 2 oz. Naked Mighty Mango juice smoothie Shake ingredients in an ice filled cocktail shaker Strain into martini...

Have Your Heard?

SD 43 Is it bisexual men or women who are in charge of cheating...
An overwhelming number of responses made this episode easy to record. Sometimes our questions solicit more replies than others but these questions must have touched a nerve because we had pages and pages of replies
Check in with the Curious Couple as they attend Naughty in Nawlins, the largest lifestyle party in the world. It's a party, it's a convention, it's all crazy and they were there for four fun-filled days and nights.
We discuss upcoming events, a hot date night with our friends Nick & Cleo and respond to listener emails. We unveil our new Kay's Corner jingle and recommend another sexy lifestyle podcast...
P47 - Sex Drive and Restored Faith - Swinging Downunder
Howdy there horny friends, We are back! This time we are talking about a few recent and relevant topics we want to share with you all, some are closer to home than others and hopefully help...

Sexy News From Around The Web

Written by Nina C. Helms, and including tips for better sex. This post is called: Dispatches from a swingers party

It has been said that the most sexual part of the body is the brain. Of course, everyone who said this was forgetting about the genitals, but the mind -- sure, that does some sexy things,...
"What do you see?" asks Katai Kamminga, her Cheshire cat smile growing as she nudges the orchid in my direction, her index finger gesturing ever so slightly to the flower's stigma.
This climbing wall gives a whole new meaning to grabbing a handful.
In the prologue to her new book, What Love Is and What It Could Be , philosopher Carrie Jenkins is walking through Vancouver, from her boyfriend's apartment to the home she has with her...
Over 1,000 kinky couples arrive for SWINGERS convention in...
More than 1,000 polyamorous couples descended on New Orleans for the world's largest swinging convention.The annual Naughty in N'awlins event, held in the world famous city in Louisiana, includes a massive Sexual Freedom Parade. 

We are a happily married couple of over 30 years and we have an amazing relationship. Our sexual evolution began as our children became more independent, leaving us time to intentionally refocus on growing our relationship.

This Newsletter was curated for you with love & partnership by the 'We Gotta Thing' Podcast

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