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Britain voting to leave the European Union came as a shock to many; even the politicians leading the Leave campaign seemed surprised they'd actually won. So, how did it happen? 

The answer seems to lie with undecided voters; of the Brits we spoke to on Wednesday, a whopping 1 in 5 (21%) were still undecided on which way to vote. By Thursday, 39% decided simply not to vote, while 37% sided with Leave and 24% with Remain... more than enough to swing the vote in favour of leaving the EU. 

When the result was released, the chief emotion among those who voted Remain was worry, with 74% reporting feeling this way. However, a surprising 18% of Leave voters also felt worried on Friday morning. 

By Monday the dust had settled (somewhat). What lingers is a general feeling of uncertainty. Brits from both camps are reflecting on what happens next... 48% wonder if there might be another referendum, 25% are considering moving to another country, and 41% are simply asking themselves, 'What have we done?!'.


In uncertain times like these, knowing what the public thinks is more important than ever: how will political and economic uncertainty affect their relationship with your brand, or with your client's brand? 

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Publication 121
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