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Marketing News: The Brexit Edition

The only certain thing now is that there will be plenty of uncertainty to come, while the UK figures out what happens next. Here’s a rundown of what Brexit could mean for UK marketers and the media industry at large.
The EU referendum result has been all over the headlines recently, and it has been a delicate issue for brands to engage with. Obviously that hasn't stopped them from trying.
Though there is still much uncertainty around what the Leave vote in the EU referendum will actually mean for business and the economy, there are indicators that certain brands could see benefits from Brexit.

Other Marketing News

A news study finds 56 percent of marketers still rely on engagement metrics for indications of success, while only 20.7 percent focused on conversions, which are the better gauge of return on investment.
Although 70% of business executives rated sales and marketing analytics as “very” or “extremely important”, just 2% are ready to say they have achieved “broad, positive impact.”
According to a new report, 48% of Facebook users say the primary reason they post third-party content to Facebook is to entertain their friends. 17% share to support causes, 13% want to evoke an emotional response, and 11% are looking to provide useful information.

Hear This: The Bite Podcast

In case you missed it last week, be sure to tune into Bite's Creative Director Chris Lawrence interviewing Richard Furness, Director of Publishing at the Guardian. The two discuss the new business model for print, working with agencies, and the rise of video.
Break out your earbuds for an enlightening conversation about what's next in the world of news.

Focus On: Taming Marketing Data

How can marketers deal with data fatigue and focus on the data that matters? Click through for five steps that will help.
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