The Profile of Nebraska, sponsored by the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority, is undertaken annually to continue improving, enhancing, expanding, and making more readily available information about homeownership and rental housing needs in the State.

2020 Statewide and Regional Housing Data Available

Official announcement of the release of the 2020 Nebraska Profile and digital companion Dashboard, this is a consolidated and interactive collection of demographic, economic and housing data. The Nebraska Investment Finance Authority commissioned the report developed by Western Economic Services, LLC.
The Nebraska Profile provides interactive and downloadable data on a statewide and county-level basis and as well as Nebraska’s 33 largest cities.  The digital companion, the Dashboard provides interactive and downloadable data on all cities within Nebraska.

Data & Report Highlights

  • Demographic: Population changes by gender, race and age; Economic data, Evaluation of current and historical workforce and wage data
  • Housing: Examining housing production, household composition, current and future housing demands and housing problems, (as defined by HUD)
  • Rental Vacancy Survey Results: Timely information on the state rental market
  • Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy (CHAS) data
  • Downloadable charts, maps and data

Almost 62 percent of Nebraska homes were built prior to 1979

Housing costs in the state have risen in recent years, from an average of $91,617 in 1999 to $197,026 in 2019

Of the completed property manager surveys, 574 had waiting lists for their facilities with the total waiting list size at 7,890 persons

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How to Use the Dashboard Tool:

  • Use the control panel to examine Demographic, Economic, or Housing Concepts. You can select specific regions, counties, or the state as a whole
  • Statewide Overview Tab: additional controls to examine overall comparisons at the state level
  • Interactive Charts Tab: showcases interactive analysis of many data concepts by year
  • Data Download Tab: download data into .csv files for personal/business use
  • Print Screens: the dashboards can be printed using the print screen feature on a desktop keyboard. For best results, print in landscape format. Charts can also be downloaded and saved as an image

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