Dear Friends and Colleagues 

We hope you are safe and well.
The roles, priorities and responsibilities of most of us have dramatically changed in the past few months. Today, many of us are in a position where we must make rapid decisions based on unforeseen challenges, all while navigating health and safety concerns, and supporting our loved ones through the pandemic. As many of you know, these challenges are extreme in Bangladesh where as well as concerning health factors presented by Covid-19, the sector faces serious livelihood and economic concerns.

Our priority at Better Work Bangladesh has been to do everything in our power to support our worker, employer and government partners through this period, and work even more closely with our brand partners. Please see below for more information on how we are doing this.
The BWB team 

Our team has continued to carry out advisory and training services virtually, adapting our approach to ensure a participatory approach tailored to supporting factories and workers on crucial OSH, legal and industrial relations issues.
This open source platform allows  industry partners to find a range of training resources, guidelines, awareness material and online training for factories, including links to information on digital wage payments and other Covid-19 content.
We have teamed up with Quizrr to launch an online digital training platform. The purpose of this learning tool is to support factories and workers on the health and safety measures they can take to prevent and raise awareness around Covid-19
A critical and comprehensive set of factory guidelines have been developed to ensure workers and my can take to manage Covid-19 risks and maintain safety and health in the workplace.
BWB has been working closely with factories to understand their challenges, and how we can support. Through the Eyes of a Factory as Bangladesh Starts to Reopen captures the pulse of the industry at this time. 
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