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Welcome to Mile Markers 3, 

Hard to believe a week has gone by. Right off the bat, I’ll ask for your help: my copy of last week’s Mile Markers landed in my Junk Mail folder. Mine! I suspect that might be happening to others as well, so it’d be a great help if you just forwarded this issue to your friends.  Something from you would never be redirected as spam! Thank you, I hate to think of these newsletters languishing in limbo. 

This week I wrote a blog post about Team Long Run, what makes American philanthropy different, and giving more than we take.  We’ve included it below.  Please give it a read and let us know what you think. 

As in issues one and two, we’ve included articles about running and development, as well as some inspiration and humor.  Guests this week weigh in on their favorite running movies… maybe not what you expect.

Spring came in a mad rush here in Maine, the ice was just out of the pond when the grass started to green up.  The running is perfect;  cool air and new leaves that unfurl overnight.  Worth the wait. 

Thanks for reading, and many thanks for your continued support! 

-Chuck and the whole TLR crew.

Team Long Run - What We Do And How We Do It
We've designed Team Long Run from the ground up to meet the needs of young people who lack both proper coaching, and a great team atmosphere. 

News Roundup

The New York Times recently published an article about Sylvia Bloom, a 96 year-old woman who passed on and left millions of dollars to a worthy charity… which happens a lot.  What made this a story is that she worked as a secretary in a law firm well into her nineties. 
A frugal woman from Brooklyn, who rode the subway to work at one law firm for 67 years, left millions for students at Henry Street Settlement and Hunter College.
A frustrated student cries out “I can’t do it.” A teacher redirects: “You can’t do it, yet.” This may be the simplest way to define “growth mindset."
After-school programs offer young people opportunities for self-expression, exploring their talents, and forming relationships with supportive adults.
Before you groan at a stop for a squadron of runners at Normal Boulevard during the Lincoln Marathon, smile.


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Running Tips From the Team 

Running Tips #2: How to Stretch.
Chuck Wilcoxen:  I have my favorites, including the classics; Without Limits , McFarland, USA , Chariots of Fire , Unbroken , On the Edge , Run Lola Run.....

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Team Long Run is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization: EIN 82-2334534. Running is an instrument of change, and we use it to help kids prepare for a life of selflessness, satisfaction, and success.
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