Gateway 2030:
Enabling Works Utility Building

On Thursday April 25th, 2019, a large amount of concrete was poured to build the foundation for the new Utility Building site as part of the Gateway 2030 project. The new Utility Building site is due for completion on November 15th, 2019.

The Utility Building works involves the construction of a new Utility Building Facility for all mechanical, electrical and special airport systems. This includes chillers, cooling towers, power distribution, back-up power generations, potable and fire water systems, access control and constant current regulators for the airfield ground lighting. Furthermore, a new guard house will be constructed as part of the relocation of the main gate for the airside access and the construction of a new electrical substation for ELMAR.

As of May 7, 2019, everyone who is interested in applying for a job at AAA must go on, click on "vacancies" in the "company info" section and enter the online digital recruitment portal. This new portal on the Aruba Airport website is very modern and easy to use. Applicants can now follow their application process digitally via the new digital recruitment portal.  

AAA attended FRED Expo in Rotterdam, Netherlands on Saturday, May 11th, 2019. AAA had the privilege of meeting and interviewing 50 students and young professionals who were interested in starting their career or their internship at Aruba Airport. 

FRED Expo has proven to be one of the best ways to find a job in the Dutch Caribbean and make your next career move. With over 30 organizations who participated this year, FRED offers a variety of activities for job seekers to meet recruiters and the organizations they represent: company dinner, workshops, presentations, interviews, and more.

As part of the Official Spotter’s Day that took place in August 2018, the spotters had the opportunity to submit their top 3 photographs to the airport team. These photographs were posted on Aruba Airport’s social media channels for a voting competition among the airport’s followers. The winning spotter, Jean-Pierre Maduro was granted an expo inside Aruba Airport's terminal for a year with his top 10 photographs. Passengers are able to admire Jean-Pierre's amazing photographs at the expo located at Gate 2 and between Gate 4 and 5. Aruba Airport's 2nd Official Spotter's Day will take place on August 10th, 2019, and this time around both local and international plane spotters are invited to sign up for this unique opportunity. 

Aruba Airport proudly announces that the 2nd Official Spotter’s Day will take place on Saturday, August 10th, 2019. Aruba Airport's "Calling All Spotters" Campaign was opened and this time around both local and international plane spotters was invited to sign up for this unique opportunity. Aruba Airport received a well-rounded group of applicants and is currently busy with a screening process in order to select a group of 10 spotters who qualify to participate in the 2nd Official Spotter’s Day event. Furthermore, the selected group will be invited to attend a required Safety Training at Aruba Airport before the main event takes place to ensure that all participants are aware of the safety procedures of the airport while being on the airside to take their photographs.

AAA Traffic Attendants have a new Segway to carry-out their responsibilities more efficiently. Traffic Attendants are responsible for the Landside areas and to ensure safety of the airport, controlling of pedestrian and traffic movements including parking areas, for ensuring the maintenance of public order and safety & security for the airport facilities, they also conduct patrol to ensure that the airport fence and other adjoining areas are safe, secure and in compliance with international standards.
Flight Schedule

During the week of April 22nd until April 26th, AAA's Safety Unit held their Safety Awareness Training. AAA employees were given a presentation on Safety procedures and policies as a reminder on how to carry-out their tasks in a safe manner. Several examples including photos and videos that were taken on property were shown to stress the importance of practicing safety at work. To conclude the training, employees played a round of Safety Jeopardy and were able to win prizes such as safety vests, flashlights and much more. 

The HOPPY Easter campaign was a total success! 
With over more than 3.4K engagements, and hundreds of guesses on how many BLUE eggs there were in the bowl, there could only be one lucky winner. With only 2 points off the correct number which was 191 Blue eggs, we present to you our Winner:

Aruba Airport offers passengers with a Priority Pass, Airport Angel Pass, or Business Class on KLM access to one of the two VIP Lounges without an additional fee. Other passengers who would like to make use of the VIP Lounges can do so by paying an additional fee of $30. Passengers have the space to catch up on some work, relax and unwind with beverages and a light snack before boarding their flight.