March 18, 2020

This Week on Hiring America

In light of Coronavirus, we wish first and foremost for your health and safety. If you aren't feeling well, take care of yourself. Life is moving slowly at the moment, and your full transition can wait.

If you are feeling well, then this time might be the perfect opportunity to learn to work remotely. As we saw with digital transformation just a few years ago, most companies are equipped to conduct their business through popular communication applications like Zoom or Skype.

This week we highlight tools and tips to prepare yourself to join the remote workforce as businesses become more and more digitally capable. Are you ready for the change? We are!
Bill and the Hiring America Team
Discover why working from home is good for business.

For more than three years, Florida native Joshua Hayes was a member of the Old Guard, the U.S. Army's ceremonial unit.
I started working from home more than 5 years ago. Here are the tips I wish I had had back then.
The best way to de-stress during this frightening time is to look for safe opportunities to get outside

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Virginia entreprenuer roundtable & tips about buying Life Insurance from USAA (Episode 105)
Here are some quick tips brought to you by USAA!

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