July 29, 2020

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Dear Hiring America Family,
We've pulled together some great resources for you this week, starting with meditation expert, Bob Roth, and what he has to say about the benefits of transcendental meditation.
Next, you can learn about companies that are currently offering hiring bonuses during COVID-19.
Are you having trouble sleeping? You are not alone. Below, you will find tips for how to get the proper rest you need in order to stay healthy and strong. 
Working remotely can be challenging, especially if you have a boss that isn't great at communication. Scroll down to discover ways to improve this situation.
And last of all, but not least of all, learn about resources for veterans, shared by Jeff Hall.
We hope you find this week's newsletter helpful. Have a great week! 
Bill and the Hiring America Team
Bob Roth has been teaching Transcendental Meditation for more than 45 years and is the CEO of the David Lynch Foundation. He has a passion for helping military service members and their families and offers free Transcendental Meditation training to them.

In today’s shaky job market, where the job seeker is searching actively for open roles, positions with sign-on bonuses are a major plus!
If you’re wondering how to form a personal and deeper relationship with your boss who isn’t good at communicating, try several of our strategies.

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This Week's Tip

Jeff Hall, National Employment Director for DAV, discusses resources for veterans during COVID-19.

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