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I haven't fully explored this new feature of yet but it looks like the inevitable free-marhet response to main-stream social media censorship.
Over the last several weeks censorship on popular video service Youtube has been increasing dramatically. Their partnership with the SPLC…

In these three articles, we see that the lunacy of the UK government has reached a new high. In the second video we see more of Meghan McCain defending conservative fairness on The View (she's been doing a good job). Last we see a very gratifying video of Tommy Robinson, over in the UK, confronting the Antifa, punk cowards who ganged up on him (10 x 1) last week. Of course, they wouldn't face him. 
"The View" host Meghan McCain called out her cohosts on Tuesday for their double standard on Obama's Facebook data mining. WATCH: The cohosts all portrayed outrage over reports that Cambridge Analytic

We see a mix of news in these three articles. First, a student gets revenge on a liberal professor. Second we see that TSA still assaults our Constitutional rights. Thirdly we see that some of these dumb-ass students who think they are adults (but really aren't) just because they can make babies got what they deserved for walking out of their school classes.
A university announced Monday that it would allow a student back in a Christian theology course after he was booted for saying there were only two genders. Indiana University of Pennsylvania President
Digital Papers Please: New Reports of TSA Searching Computers and Cellphones for DOMESTIC Flights By Nicholas West Despite being roundly hated by the traveling public, the TSA  continues to trample upon anyone unfortunate enough to cross their path.  Whether it is the physical searches that are...
Three students at an Arkansas high school were reportedly punished with paddles this week after leaving school to participate in the national walkout to protest gun violence.

Neither of these two Deep State villains look too happy. And with good cause too. Trump is slowly but surely breaking up their little tea party. McCabe might be getting an orange suit but the other guy might be lucky enough to collect his retirement.
The United States is only weeks away from rebirth, but more battles lie ahead
Bitter Dems unleash vicious remarks at President Trump

Putin continues to show strong and innovative leadership in his country... with their own cryptocurrency. You'll like this article because it is exactly what we should be doing. In the second article, we see a preview of the direction the US is heading.... broke. Just like Japan. Anybody else remember when all the talk was about "Japan Inc."? I do.
For weeks now we’ve been getting very mixed signals out of the Russian Government about cryptocurrencies. On the one hand we see it…
‘Mrs. F.’ was 84 years old the first time she ever went to prison. Her crime? Petty shoplifting. She stole rice, strawberries, and cold medicine. She served her time. Got released. Then shoplifted…

It wasn't really a huge amount of money but you'll never guess how much the taxpayer paid for Queen Hillary's India trip where all she did was whine about losing the election. Secondly, Judge Napolitano gives his expert opinon of California's foolishness. In the third article, we read that at least one California city is having second thoughts about this 'sanctuary city' craziness.
Hillary Clinton traveled to India last week to give a speech and go sightseeing. Clinton made news during her trip for a controversial speech she gave. During her speech, Clinton proposed that Trump w
Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano scolded California for targeting the free speech of pro-life groups and said the government can't force anyone to express a political opinion. Napolitano
A small California city has voted to exempt itself from a statewide sanctuary law, making it one of the few jurisdictions to formally reject the state's resistance to President Donald Trump's immigrat

Our border patrol people are starting to adjust to the obstructionism of California local authorities.
Border patrol agents are refusing to hand over illegal immigrants with felony warrants to police in California because they can't be sure local authorities will return the criminal aliens to federal c