Pro Video Marketing Tips #3

Welcome to Newsletter #3; this week I share a fun little political quiz. Hope I don’t offend anyone.

I made a short case study to show you how I light my studio for professional TV commercial jobs. And I share some tips on lighting to eliminate some facial shadows and blemishes.

Also included are some great articles on building your own trending fan page and what posts get the most attention. Plus there is a article that you must read if you’re doing any type of video marketing…”16 Video Marketing Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Traffic”

And finally, I am giving you a mini-training course that I actually shot for a client. This short video series will give you an overall view of how to make a Facebook sales funnel.

~ Damon Nelson of
VidPenguin Productions

With Super Tuesday coming up, let's make sure Trump is looking his best. Create your own Donny Boy!

Your News Roundup

Facebook has made some big changes to business Pages in order to better support small and local businesses. These changes make it easier for people to interact with businesses and find the information they need the most.
We partnered with BuzzSumo to analyze more than 43 million posts from the top 20,000 brands on Facebook in one of the largest Facebook marketing strategy studies of 2018.

Recommendation of the Week

This is one of the best training courses that I’ve gone through this year. In fact, I am already selling this service with my Facebook Sales Funnel. Not only do they teach you the strategy behind using FB messenger bots, but the also show you how to set it up for yourself within a few minutes. And they also share their secrets on how they’re getting FB Traffic Leads for pennies and turning them into paying customers and clients… Using the Power of Badass FB Messenger Bots… Click here to check it out.

We’ve all been there. Staring at that dreaded blinking line on a blank page. Every marketer knows the pain of struggling to come up with a topic for their next article, email or social media post.…
Discover these concise, compelling video marketing statistics, and how they can inform your strategy.
What's the one thing people want aside from love and acceptance? More web traffic, of course!
By now, it's clear that video is an essential channel for marketers. But what makes a great video? And what keeps viewers engaged? 
Video marketing has officially taken the social media world by storm. How your brand can create epic social video content on a budget.

Featured Blog Post
I did this Green Screen Case Study Video to show you how I light my studio and how to use lighting to remove shadows and blemishes on the face of your talent. Click Here to check it out.

Training Tip of the Week for Video Marketers

This is a Mini-Training Course i shot last week on how I create a Facebook Sales Funnels. I used this video this past week to close 2 different Local Businesses. Sign up here

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