May 21,2020

This Week on Hiring America

Dear Hiring America Family,
This week's newsletter includes more valuable tips for navigating the challenges brought on by COVID-19. 
From helpful resources for veterans, to growing or changing your career while working remotely, to how to provide assistance to those in need during this difficult time, we hope you find it to be of interest.
Stay healthy and strong!
Bill and the Hiring America Team
Jeff Hall, National Employment Director for DAV, discusses resources for veterans during COVID-19.

Although you might be working remotely, you can still grow and strengthen your career. Check our tips on how to enhance your career, remotely.
The Department of Veterans Affairs asked the public to write checks and donate food for homeless veterans.
Transferable skills are ones that apply in all professions and usually are the foundation of the workplace and organizational success.

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This Week's Tip

Kristian Estrada, US Navy Veteran, shares tips for furthering your education.

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