Timing is everything. Sometimes a failure is based on execution, other times it’s based on timing. So you would always want to be a little bit sooner than it needs to be.
Of the total 4,648 complete applications which were received for exemption under Section 80IAC of the Income Tax Act, only 94 applications were granted tax exemption.
Sachin Bansal is interested to venture in to Financial Services and has solicited requirements necessary to procure a banking license.

Banking which is now being increasingly ruled by technology and with the inclusion of AI and ML, is going to get completely transformed, both in terms of service and products.
"If a Google or a Facebook ever decided to be a bank, we have a problem...They don't want to be as regulated as we are," Kotak, who heads Kotak Mahindra Bank said while speaking at the annual Nasscom leadership summit.
MX Player will launch close to 25 shows in the next 12 months and it has already started with 5 MX Original series. It already has more than 1 Lac hour of licensed content repository.

MX Player has already more than 70 million daily active users and more than 175 million monthly active users in India, while it's total install base is more than 650 million worldwide.
Lockheed Martin and Tata Advance Systems would jointly manufacture the F-21 Jet in India, which is an upgrade to the F-16s.

Pakistan has bought 40 F-16s from US, out of which 32 are still operational.
ADAG companies are found guilty of contempt of the apex court and ordered to pay Rs.550 Crores in four weeks, along with the interest.

Failure to do so would lead to a 3 months jail sentence for Anil Ambani.

The court also fined the three ADAG companies Rs.1 Crore each, and the failure to pay the fine would attract a further 1 month imprisonment for it's Chairman, including Ambani.
When an artificial intelligent system is forced to sleep, it purges out the spurious old patterns and reinforces the new ones.
Reliance Jio's average upload speed is 3.8 Mbps, which is the lowest among all networks, but on the other hand it has the highest consistent network availability.

Airtel leads with the highest speed.
India account for more than 60% of Truecaller's global user base.

Truecaller which is now more of an integrated platform rather than a single service has globally more than half a million premium subscribers. Also, 10 million Indian users have linked their bank accounts to Truecaller Pay.