4 Days Until

Season 4 Premiere of


Friday, Sept. 27 to Monday, Sept. 30
Black Oak Ranch | Laytonville, CA

Dear Campers,
TV critics' darling, Camp Tasty, is back, featuring YOU!  We've got a lot of ground to cover so let's get right into this update.  Before you know it, you're going to BE HERE, and we want being here to be great.

Be Here, Soon!

Let's Review:
From our previous email, you already know to bring an interesting kind of beer (Strange Brew), your own personal mug/cup for drinking hot and cold beverages since no plastic cups will be provided, and you for sure have pulled some clothing to do screen and block printing on (we'll  provid aprons for you). 
No doubt you've read our Weather Edition to know that it'll get cold at night, though as we continue to check Laytonville weather station LV811, we see that daytime temps are climbing.  Night time temps may still dip below 40 degrees, but the threat of rain seems diminished.  We'll still encourage anyone with an electric heater to bring it for the Big Top (let us know if you have one), and extra blankets/sleeping bags will make chilling in the Big Top more comfortable, because that's where the party is at.
More For Your Memory Banks, Thanks
We're exciting for you and your friends and your tots to be joining us!  Unfortunately, we cannot welcome your pet creatures of any kind--this is a humanoid-only affair, and not cuz we're specist, it's just camp rules.  Thanks for leaving fuzzy friends at home, and no exceptions.
Dress Up Saturday Night - Teepee Crawl - Mission Expedition
Make sure to come dressed for mission success: break out the flight suit, dust off that miner’s hat, or strap on that scuba mask. Whether following in the footsteps of Indy’s last crusade or Frodo’s journey to Mt. Doom, get ready to celebrate and honor the joys of discovery and the thrill of venturing into the unknown!

Venture to Volunteer and Help Out, Some
You likely already saw an email today about signing up for a shift.  We're including that link again because the hit show Camp Tasty only pops off when everyone is in.  Teens and kids make excellent cast members/helpers, and of course it's an easy way to meet other campers.  And even though you may have formally signed up for a shift, we encourage you to look out for opportunities in the moment to be a little extra helpful.

These men already know how to dress for Mission: Expedition!

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Getting To & Arriving

@ Camp Tasty

Black Oak Ranch, 50350 N Hwy 101, Laytonville, CA 95454.

Back in the day, it would have taken at least 61 hours to walk from SF to BOR with all your gear (according to G-maps)--now that's an expedition.  But in the modern age of automobiles, it's just a 3 hour drive and two easy steps. 
Step 1: Take the 101N.  Step 2: Take a left.
But that left is tricky. Note that we are the STREETER CREEK site and not Ten Mile.  It is easy to miss the driveway to turn off to Black Oak Ranch, so here's a tip:
One of the last main landmarks in the town of Laytonville is Boomers Saloon on the left, west side of Highway 101. Once you pass Boomers, the turn off for the property is 4.6 miles away.
See that cowboy hat up there on the post, Pardner?  We'll stick that hat on a Hwy 101N sign with some lights (for night arrivals) to assist you in spotting the turn.

 Head down the road, always stay to the left until the main entrance of the property. We plan to have Tasty signs with solar lights around them directing you, so follow those.

Have your headlamp ready if you’re arriving after dark. Flashlights are definitely needed here!
Quick reminder to check out that Carpool page if you need a lift or can give one.  And whoa, just saw a guest's name on there who I did not know would be coming.  

The Streeter Creek camp at Black Oak Ranch is our home for the weekend. This is a historic property owned by a collective including Wavy Gravy (the official clown & MC for the Grateful Dead turned Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor namesake). In fact, the Dead used to play shows on this property back in the day.

In the summer it hosts the famed kids performing arts/circus camp Camp Winnarainbow and their other larger site hosts Enchanted Forest and the Kate Wolf music festival. There are lots of little easter eggs hidden throughout the property, from the totem pole to the Elvis UFO truck to the stilt-height water fountains. Wander around and explore over the weekend!

Please be ultra-respectful of their property and their land, and know they do have residents on-site. If you see any of the BOR crew, say hello and a big thanks. They’ve been a great friend to the Tasty community and our on-going success depends on our continued goodwill and partnership with them.  


ARRIVE anytime on Friday (9/27). If you’re here Friday day, please pitch in and help with any setup needs!

Unload & Park

Park in the temporary unload zone when you first drive into camp. You’ll see a big tent (Big Top) adjacent to it. Visit the Welcome Table first to check-in and then unload and use a wagon to get to your teepee or camp area.  That' OK if you don't know where you are camping or which teepee you are in--we'll assign you or show you the options when you get on-site. 

Once you're unloaded, move your car ASAP to the main parking lot, heading down the road you entered on and parking in the open area to the right just after the bridge. We CANNOT leave cars in the unloading area since this area must be clear for emergency vehicles.

Welcome Table

As of Friday afternoon, the Welcome Table will be set up with all key information and essential supplies you might have forgotten. We'll also collect lost and found here, along with provide a first aid kit and basic supplies (first aid kit, advil, tape, tools, gum, earplugs, pens, batteries, walkies). Need to borrow anything? Just make sure to return them!

The most complete schedule will be on the whiteboard here. Check it daily to know what’s going on, see any daily notes, and to leave any messages.

When you Arrive: Check-in at the Welcome Table

There should be people at the Welcome Table to greet you Friday evening, but if you arrive after that, please find Brent or Trina or Adama or someone in the Big Top who can check you in.  Failing that, try using the Walkie Talkie.  Someone may just be on the other end to greet you?!  Then...

Grab a welcome drink!
Sign in and let us know when you think you’ll leave.
Get your camp/teepee assignment.
Read the whiteboad for any key notes. 
Get your 2019 Camp Tasty schwag (one per person only & kids have dedicated schwag).
Pick up a program guide.
Unload and go park.

Where to Sleep:

If you're camping, feel free to explore and camp anywhere inside the property boundaries. If you're arriving Thursday night for setup, you're welcome to sleep in any teepee Thursday night even if you’re camping the rest of the weekend. If you are sleeping in a teepee, you'll receive a separate email on your Teepee name and teepee mates.  If you are bringing your RV and have not contacted us yet, please let us know what your situation is so we can place you.

Venue Map:

Never been before? Get a sense for the lay of the land, see below/attached.

DEPART by Monday (9/30) at 11am.

Sunday Brunch

Wrap up your weekend by coming together one last time before some of you hit the road. Stay at least until Sunday brunch, happening 11am-1pm. We’ll have killer coffee and vinyl on the decks. Remember, it’s a quick 3 hour straight-shot back to SF, so no need to rush!

Soft Strike: People leaving before 4pm Sunday

Please stop by the Welcome Table and see the list of Soft Strike tasks to be completed. Select one or two to complete, and cross them off the list. Even if you can’t stick around for the primary strike, we ask you to help in this way before leaving.

Strike: 4pm on Sunday

If you’re here at that time, please help with strike. Meet at the Big Top for assignments.


The schedule lists all the meal times. Note that breakfasts are do-it-yourself, you’ll find everything you need in the Dish Room. Do NOT keep food in your tents or teepees, as there are bears and racoons on the property. Leave your food in the Dish Room or the lockers near the dining area: lockers outside the Dish Room for dry food and refrigerators for items that need it. Make sure to place your food in one bag and label it with your name either on the counter or in the refrigerator. Ice machines are located in the back of the kitchen.

There are water fountains throughout the property, so no need to bring water.


Fire Risks

It's Northern California so we take fire safety hella seriously. The Black Oak Ranch is considered a HIGH RISK area and so as such we must follow strict rules around fires and open flames. We have been given permission for campfires and must adhere to these guidelines.  Please, Campers, take a moment to familiarize yourself with these essential points--this one of the few places where we talk about rules and squid hats and wag our fingers:

-Open flames are prohibited, with the exception of the teepee circle fire ring. This means no candles in teepees, no smoking anywhere else, absolutely no camp stoves used anywhere in camp areas.
-The only place smoking is allowed is within the teepee circle fire ring.
-The only place you can use camp stoves is in the dining area on the picnic tables.
-As long as there is a campfire, a designated Fire Captain must be present. The Fire Captain can be identified by their squid hat--when the squid Captain leaves, the hat will be passed to another Captain who knows da rules.


We stock a first-aid kit at the welcome table, but if medical attention is needed beyond the basics, you can go to longtime Tasty camper Bryan Beeley as a first responder; Brent/Trina may also be notified just so we know what's going on.  

If any issue arises where we need to relay information beyond Camp Tasty organizers/participants, there are staff who live on the property who can be contacted, and all of the houses in the main part of the ranch have landlines.  

In case we need to leave the property in an expedient manner, the exit is the same way we drove in.  Good thing, because the parking lot it is over in that direction.

When you register, we'll ask you review and sign a liability waiver, and if you need a peak at that prior to arriving on site, just ping us for a copy.


You may be anticipating the reveal of what else is in store for the weekend, but we're going to save that because it deserves it's own thing.  As always, we’ve got the beats and eats covered, with all-night dance parties, killer music and visuals, catered meals, midnight snacks, and pop-up bars, but we'll get into the details later.  Look for an email with activities that will require sign-ups ahead of time.  Get excited, and then also think about where to VOLUNTEER :)

Sign Off
We pulled this one out of the archives since we all like it so much.  We'll sign off with a missive from Brent to first-timers, but it's also a nice reminder to everyone.  We'll leave you with these words for now, and then pummel you with more information in another email soon.  Get in touch asap if you have any burning questions.
Thank you,
Tasty Planners

For First-Timers

Welcome to Camp Tasty, it is our annual retreat and reunion. As life pulls us in different paths, this is the one time a year when we can dedicate to catching up, strengthening our relationships, and celebrating the role community plays in our lives. 

Our approach to inviting new friends to Camp Tasty is always the same. Invite people who you think would fit in well, who would relate and connect, and find enjoyment in what we do. While a bit ambiguous, it’s also ambitious. It means you’re here for a reason, so we’re excited to get the chance to spend a weekend with you.

Connection is key. You’ve already done it with some Tasty-ers, you’ll find more to like. A simple “What’s your connection to Tasty?” will usually reveal mutual intersections, we’re all connected by two degrees.

Who is Tasty? You are. There is no way to “join Tasty” except to connect, forge bonds, and for us all to opt to spend time together. And “membership” is not a right, it only exists as long as your friendships and connections stay intact. 

This isn’t a party weekend. While we certainly will be doing our share, it’s not the point of the weekend. Get wild on the dancefloor, but also have a campfire chat. Have a strange brew, but also volunteer to brew some coffee. Participate in the diversity of Camp Tasty.

Operate with respect, with generosity, with an openness, with compassion and care for yourself and everyone at Camp Tasty. Please look out for yourself and for others as you would family. Continue to ensure Camp Tasty is remains a safe space and a sanctuary. 

Camp Tasty is a kid and family-friendly weekend. Please be mindful of your behavior around them, Camp Tasty is equally theirs as it is yours. 

Help out. This only works with the shared contributions of time and energy from all of us. If you haven’t signed up to help, see where we still need help (link). Or think about what you can bring to the mix. And once on-site, look for ways to contribute. 

Respect the property and the land. Clean up and leave things better than they were before. 

Tasty has been creating unintentional community through music, food, and friendship since 2006.
Camp Tasty is a production of Tasty LLC. 
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