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The Berlin based delivery company, Delivery Hero has bought Zomato's UAE business for $172 million.This business has $2 million monthly revenue.
CISF is using AI at Delhi Metro Stations, not only to keep the commuters safe, but also for general social good. 
The AI system of CISF identifies people looking in distress, which alerts an system and then personnel reach out to them, with offer of help.
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While wind is helping us achieve the non-renewable energy goals, it is a highly unpredictable source of energy, where output could vary between a matter of hours. Machine Learning is now being used to predict the energy output of wind farms, to make it more viable.
Whatsapp is launching a crypto-currency based remittance service in another few months to target a $80 billion market.
Facebook is developing a digital currency pegged to US Dollar and it would be first rolled out to WhatsApp users in India.
The holding company of $104 billion Tata Group has restructured itself in to 10 verticals in order to simplify, synergise and scale it's companies.
Kerala Motor Vehicle Department is now equipping it’s speed detecting cameras with AI. The cameras will be able to detect helmet-less drivers and those not wearing seat-belts. 
The company would install electric vehicles charger at regular intervals over the entire 250 kms stretch between Delhi and Chandigarh.
The first charging station in the series has been already inaugurated.
Instead of asking Trai for an explanation when it was pulled up so often by the country’s courts, the government reappointed the Trai chief after his term ended.
British Geological Society has 3 million fossils, gathered over 150 years, at thousands of sites across the country. Now it is trying to build a geological database of these fossils which could be accessible to all.
The 19.17 km Chembur-Wadala-Jacob Circle Monorail corridor will be the world’s third longest monorail corridor.
Dismantling old ammunition is a hazardous and time consuming activity, putting at peril both man and material at risk. AI robots are now being deployed to dismantle old ammunition, saving both limbs and environment.