Keeping you informed as we create the new Buckinghamshire Council 
17 October 2019
Issue Number 4


Welcome to the latest update for town and parish councils about the work taking place to deliver the new Buckinghamshire Council.

In this edition of the newsletter, we'll take a look at:
• County-wide council access points
• Highways devolution contract extension
• Community boards consultation
• Planning committees for the new council
• Budget and priorities consultation

County-wide council access points

At the Shadow Executive meeting held on 8th October a decision was taken to progress proposals to create a network of local contact points (to be known as Council Access Points or CAPs) across Buckinghamshire. These CAPs will be embedded in community locations across the county and will enable local people to get face-to-face support with queries about council services.   
Five ‘access plus’ centres, located in the current council offices in the county’s main towns, will offer extra services from Monday to Friday for residents who have more complex enquiries.

Other council access points will operate from existing buildings, such as libraries, spread across the county stretching from Buckingham in the north to Burnham in the south. The locations of these will be confirmed shortly and promoted as part of the launch preparations for Buckinghamshire Council which will go live in April 2020.
Further information about CAPs will be shared with you soon and you can check out the news release on our website.

Don’t forget, you can also watch webcasts from all public meetings, including the decision on CAPs, via the Shadow Authority website

Highways devolution contract extension

As you are aware, the Shadow Executive have agreed the extension of existing highways devolution contracts for 2 years for those local councils who already have an agreement.
Expressions of Interest from local councils who wish to continue delivering devolved highways services in their community must be received by Thursday 31st October 2019.

If you have not yet responded to with your expression of interest then please ensure that you do so ahead of this date.
Equally, if you have any concerns about meeting this deadline or any questions about what you need to do, then please contact the team via the mailbox who will be happy to discuss this with you.

Community boards consultation

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback during the recent community boards consultation. All the responses are currently being reviewed and a report will be produced on the consultation findings.
This report will go forward to the Shadow Executive for consideration on 3 December 2019 and will be published online with the meeting papers. We anticipate that a decision on community boards will be made by the Shadow Executive during that meeting.

We’ll keep you updated of progress with this and the next steps following this decision.

Planning committees for the new council

We are currently exploring a number of options for how we organise planning committees for the new Buckinghamshire Council.
We hope to have a decision on this by January and will let you know which area committee your applications will be heard at as soon as possible.

Budget and priorities consultation – coming soon

Later this month, we’ll be asking for views on priorities for Buckinghamshire Council and how to allocate the budget.
Local councils up and down the country are all facing the challenges of a growing demand for their services and balancing the budget and this will continue to be the case for the new council. It’s important to us that we involve local people in shaping the council’s priorities for the future.

We’ll be in contact nearer the time with more information and would ask you to help us promote this consultation within your community.
Details of all consultations will be added to the Shadow Authority website.

How can I keep up to date?

You can keep up to date with the latest news by:

On the website you'll find details of all the Shadow Executive meetings, including dates, agendas and decisions, plus a page dedicated to Town and Parish Council information. You can also watch live webcasts of all public meetings, which are then available as recordings.

Dates for your diary

Next meeting of the Shadow Executive
22 October 10am, Buckinghamshire County Council, Aylesbury

Shadow Executive meeting
12 November 10am, Buckinghamshire County Council, Aylesbury
Paper on Service Devolution and Asset Transfer Policy to be presented
Shadow Executive meetings are public so all are welcome to attend or you can watch live webcasts of the meetings, which are then available as recordings.

Comments or questions?

If you have any comments about the content of this newsletter, or questions about the programme to deliver the new Buckinghamshire Council, please email:

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