Peace Track Initiative in 2019
Ms Muna Luqman, chairperson of Food4Humanity, co-founding member of the Women Solidarity Network, and partner of the Peace Track Initiative, has briefed the UN Security Council today on Yemen. She …
Testomoniy of Mr Martin Griffiths, UN Special Envoy to Yemen, on our work and the work of the Women Solidarity التضامن النسوي Network today during his...
The Peace Track Initiative Director Rasha Jarhum met briefly with H.E. the UN Secretary General António Guterres to discuss the importance of an inclusive peace process. The messages that Jarhum...

Women’s rights groups in and outside Yemen have become increasingly concerned about the fate of women and girls who have been detained by Houthi forces in the territories under the control of the rebel group. Louise Arimatsu and Our Colleague Rasha Obaid write on the women that have been targeted and the responsibility of States and the UN system to stop this unlawful detainment and bring justice for human rights violations.

Our colleague Rasha Obaid, PTI Post War Specialist delivered our partner's WILPF statement at Arms Treaty CSP5 highlighting impact on women. 
Read WILPF's latest report co-authored by our director  RashaJarhum shedding the light on the disproportionate impact of #Mosul conflict on women and girls.
Yemen is now entering into its fifth year of war. Tension and instability have struck the country since the uprising in 2011. It is not new that while armed conflicts impact women disproportionately, they remain massively under-represented in the attempts to bring the conflict to
The group uses WhatsApp to help facilitate a safe escape
Men caused the world’s worst humanitarian disaster, but it’s become clear they can’t fix it.
Listen to our Secretary General Yasmin Al-Nadheri tell her story of how she became a peacemaker! Vidoe courtesy to Oslo Women's Rights Initiative and...
It is the year 1986. Rasha Jarhum is only five years old when the house that she and her family searches shelter in is hit by a Katusha rocket and the room in front of her suddenly collapses. Yemen is a battlefield. Rasha Jarhum recalls the scene: “I was scared and I was
Our Director Rasha Jarhum and partner Muna Luqman were members of the EU supported Yemeni-Syrian delegation to the CSW ...
Long before the armed conflict started in 2015, Yemen was already in the midst of a protracted crisis. For many years, Yemenis have endured the repercussions of widespread poverty, weak rule of law, and a range of human rights violations. This crisis has now been exacerbated by the ongoing armed...
The United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security was unanimously adopted in 2000, recognizing the disproportionate impact of war on women and their vital role in conflict resolution. Eighteen years later, its implementation across the Arab region remains uneven, at
Olfat Al-Duba'i is a well-known Yemeni political leader, especially when it comes to Taiz. She is a founding member of Taiz Women for Life Initiative, which works towards the opening of safe corridors into the city. Dr. Olfat was a member of the Constitution Drafting Committee based on the National...
Monica McWilliams helped negotiated an end to conflict in Northern Ireland. Today, Yemeni women are coming together to push for peace. Monica McWilliams fought for a seat at the peace table that negotiated the end to conflict in Northern Ireland in the late 1990s. As one of only two women in the...
The Peace Track Initiative contributed to developing this report reflecting hate speech in the current conflict in Yemen. News reports about Yemen emphasize the conflict and humanitarian crisis rocking the country, as sectarian violence makes living conditions some of the worst in the world. And yet amidst this devastation, an estimated 90 percent of Yemenis are still accessing the internet through their mobile...
I have been working to support the peace process in Yemen since the war started. At the time, I was employed with Oxfam and I was based in Lebanon working to help Syrian…

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“Localizing and feminizing the peace process through promoting inclusion and enhancing feminist knowledge leadership.”

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1) Promoting inclusive peace
2) Enhancing protection of women
3) Contributing to feminist knowledge leadership

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We are a network of over 70 Canadian non-governmental organizations and individuals committed to:
1) Promoting and monitoring the efforts of the Government of Canada to implement and support the United Nation Security Council Resolutions on women, peace and security; and,
2) Providing a forum for exchange and action by Canadian civil society on issues related to women, peace and security.
We are a group of human rights defenders. We are individuals and groups that have founded a coalition of defenders in the Middle East and North Africa Region which aims at consolidating ways to protect the defenders..
The Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership (WASL) brings together existing women rights and peace practitioners, organizations, and networks actively engaged in preventing extremism and promoting peace, rights and pluralism, to enable their systematic and strategic collaboration.
WIIS-Canada is developing exciting new opportunities for women professionals in the field of security. Join your local chapter today to gain early access to mentorship, networking, and professional development events in your community!

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We address the root causes of violence through a feminist lens” Our Stories Latest Stories In the Spotlight #KoreaPeaceNow WILPF together with partners is launching the “Korea Peace Now! Women Mobilizing to End the War” campaign. We will push for a final settlement...
MADRE's focus is for global women's rights, helping women in conflict, women fighting climate change, women experiencing sexual violence and women experiencing disasters. 
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The Peace Track Initiative is hosted at the Human Rights Research and Education Center, Ottawa University.

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