Interested in finding out what influenced Miller in writing A View from the Bridge? Download our context sheets. They support the exercises further down the page.


The following exercises have been created by our education officer from the rehearsal room with the involvement of the company. Some exercises require Context Sheets, which are available to download below.


In this in-depth education interview, director Stephen Unwin explains his approaches to casting, the rehearsal room, reading the play and gives tips on becoming a director.

Find out about the creative process for sound design, how to become a sound designer and other expert advice.

Find out about the creative process for lighting a production, what a lighting plot is and the importance of colour.

Find out how many times a designer reads the script, how she draws inspiration and the challenges of designing for a touring production.

Voice coach Yvonne Morley talks about the importance of accents and dialects as she works when she visits the cast of A View From the Bridge in rehearsals.

Yvonne Morley illustrates the specific qualities of the Brooklyn accent in Red Hook, where Arthur Miller's play is set.

Creative project

To tie in with our "Bridge Moments" Creative Learning Project, in which students could win a £500 prize for their school, we asked members of the creative team to pick their key moments from the play.

Stephen Unwin picks four moments, including the family meal, Marco and Rodolpho's first entrance and when Beatrice asks her husband Eddie why they're no longer having sex...

Liz Ascroft settles on three moments - including the pretend fight and the scene where the immigration officers arrive - and the motif set by the play's title...

John Leonard finds five key moments, including Alfieri's opening speech, the dancing and chair-lifting sequence, and Eddie Carbone's ill-considered call to the immigration office...

Nathan Markiewicz hones in on key quotations from the play, including "Are you my cousin?", "To promise not to kill is not dishonourable" and Eddie's speech about his sacrifices...


Research and inspiration used by Liz Ascroft, set designer for A View From the Bridge

Pictures of the model of the set for A View From the Bridge before it is agreed and created for the stage.

Liz Ascroft talks through her model of the set on the first day of rehearsals.

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