In these next  articles 6 we see what 'The West' has in store for it if it does not resist the invasion and evil of Islam. We have to rid ourselves of the self-imposed blindness of our own goodness. Our morals and ethics only work in Christian countries. 

Islam is not, and seldom ever was, 'the religion of peace'. It is nothing more than a religious imperialism....a malicious, greedy, hypocritical theocracy.

First of all, look what they've done to their own part of the world world: they've totally fucked it up in almost every case except where there is a western educated, strongman dictator in power.

Secondly, look at how their culture has impacted those western countries where it has come to.
They want every fame hungry girl to know they too can become famous by throwing their own people under the bus to stage stunts like this!
Worcester police release photos of three male suspects
“Sh*t on the state, steal from people, rape, swirling the eggs, demand money from us and sue the state.

These next 6 articles show the backlash coming from certain segments of the European community. Whoever would have thought that Russia would be one of them?! Russia certainly is not perfect. But considering their geographic situation and cultural history, they've actually done very well and Putin probably is the best guy to be in charge of there. Arguably even Stalin played his role in the evolution of Russian national destiny.

Eastern European countries (along with Russia) are arguably more realistic and sensitive to the threat of Islam because they experienced Muslim rule in the not-to-distant past.
Italian Interior Minister wants more babies and fewer migrants as the country’s traditions and identity are at stake
People flee socialist countries for opportunities in capitalist countries, not the other way around
'Their big goal to transform Europe, to ship it into a post-Christian era, into an era when nations disappear,' he says

Believe it or not, these next three articles are related. 

In Article #1 we see documentation of what I have been telling people (in my travels to S.Korea, The Philippines, Dubai, and Colombia for the last several years: "America is not the Utopia they think it is". Read the article... you'll see.

In Article #2 we see an economist's perspective on where our country is headed if the liberal media has its way. It's going to be a second rate country at war with itself.

In Article #3 we see an example of the goodness that many US citizens still are capable of. Read the article (and I plan to publish more like it).
The following are 10 signs that America is in much worse trouble than we all thought…
Economist Martin Armstrong has accused CNN of “fueling a civil war” in America by acting as a political propaganda network.
‘Homeless Hungry 4 Success Take A Resume,’ man’s sign said

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