CAMP TASTY - 10 Days Out

Friday, Sept. 27 to Monday, Sept. 30
Black Oak Ranch | Laytonville, CA

Dear Tasty Friends,
We are 10 days out from converging under the Big Top for the Season 4 premiere of the highly-anticipated and binge-worthy, Camp Tasty.  Sure, we have some favorite characters from previous seasons making their return, like the Teepee Crawl, Strange Brews, and the Karaoke Lounge.  But, we are now 114 campers strong--adults and Tasty tots alike--and we are certain there are some surprises in store for all of us.  
Next week we'll unveil all the details of what's been cooking, including the weekend schedule and details on getting here.  For now, read on, Adventurer, as we have exciting morsels to share with you in this update.

Read On, Adventurer

Here's what's brewing for Camp Tasty 2019:
Bring a bottle for Strange Brews
See those wacky gentlemen pictured above?  That's because Strange Brews is back! The group tasting will happen on Friday night. Bring a unique brew for your fellow tasters to try. Sour kombucha, Chinese baiju, Mexican sotol, or a bizarre beer or wine! If you're looking for a place to source, check out any of these local shops: City Beer Store, Healthy Spirits, Cask,  Jug Shop,  Ales Unlimited, True Sake.  We'll award the bringer of the strangest.
Somewhat Related to Strange Brews, But Different
You may know that we host a mean bar with delicious refreshments.  To maximize our joy, we like to minimize our waste.  So you'll hear us say this a few times...bring your own cup (BYOC).  It's cool to be green, and those red solo cups...ain't green.  We won't provide plastic, so plan ahead to have your own reusable drinking vessel!
Bring Stuff to do Art With
We will be hosting screen printing and block printing sessions throughout the weekend. In addition to the aprons we will have to print on, feel free to bring any shirts, onesies, tote bags, tea towels, etc you would like to create designs on. We will have two distinct screen print designs and a few block print designs to choose from. You will have the chance to carve your own block print design if you'd like. So start thinking of what you want to make now! And if you want to print something to trace, that is also good. 
Sign up to host a Teepee!
We mentioned this last time, but it bears repeating--we really want you to channel your creativity and be a host. Interested but not sure? Don't fear, our expedition leader Sadhika will help you get prepared for the journey to come. The only requirements are a creative concept brought to life by Saturday night, hosts to greet, and a refreshment to pair. Theme teepees will receive a small financial grant, but the subsidy may not cover everything. And hosts will also get priority teepee placement and lots of Tasty love!  Sign up or reach out to Sadhika (!

Preparing for Camp Tasty

Be a Volunteer
*Attention, Campers*  If you are a camper, then you are also a Volunteer!  Your Camp Tasty organizers have scheduled the weekend with activities that could use an hour of your time here or there to make it all happen: tending bar, pulling coffee, MOOPing, Art Shack-ing.  Please take a look at this handy-dandy Volunteer Sign-up Sheet to find your calling at Camp Tasty.
Pack Things So You Are Prepared and Comfortable
We Provide
bathroom soap
toilet paper- thank goodness!
paper towels
eating utensils
refrigerator and freezer (make sure to put your stuff in bags and label them)
You Provide
sleeping bag and pillow (and tent, if camping)
bug repellent
towels (beach and shower)
warm clothes for night
folding chair
swimsuit- just in case, though doesn't look like there's any water in the creek
brimmed hat
sun screen
water bottle
party beverage cup/bottle for mixed drinks
booze and beer- and stuff to share, if you're so inclined! we'll provide: ice, water, pre-made drink and basic mixers
strange brew for the Friday tasting event
personal snacks
meals prior to Friday night, if arriving early
party supplies
ear plugs/sleeping pills (melatonin)
headlamp / lantern
fun party lights for communal area & teepee- make sure to write your name on them
comfortable stuff to sit on
yoga mat
hiking shoes
decorations for your teepee
time travel costume for Saturday night/ fun party outfits for the rest of the weekend!
bikes for the kids!

Are you driving a car or rover to Camp Tasty and have extra room?  Or are you finding yourself without a bearcar or spacecraft to get here?  Head on over to carpool page and let's get you all set!  Bonus: fewer carbon emissions.
That's it for this edition.  Stay tuned next week where you'll sign up for activities and get all the details about arrival and registration.  More to come:

Aerial silks performances and classes with Lenny
The art shack with silk screening, tie dye, and block printing 
Live a/v vj-ing by rubuen
Food, snacks, and treats galore 
Disco dancefloor 2.0 by garth and wakerly
Yoga with Ellen

We're thrilled that you are on board! 

This Guy

I love all these photos, it gives me a great sense for what Camp Tasty is all about.
Are there more? 
Yes, there are more.

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